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That ambiguous time before baby

Monday, November 19th, 2012 by by

It is weird to look at my maternity app and see 1 week left. I get everyone that call wondering if I am calling with news of the baby. It makes me nervous to call any family or friends, especially my friend who is joining us at the hospital since Mr. BBH will probably be coming from work and may not have slept yet.

People at the gym almost freak out when they see me and ask every day when I am due. Can’t wait to see their faces if I go over the due date and keep working out! I don’t plan on stopping early since I always feel so good after a vigorous workout! (I am still spinning, weight training with my trainer, and doing cardio). (more…)


7 Home Remedies for Colds During Pregnancy aka ode to my neti pot

Sunday, October 21st, 2012 by by

I thought that I was in the clear for illnesses and I had been feeling great lately.  All of the sudden food poisoning struck rolled together with a cold or allergy outbreak on the same day.  It is so hard to feel better when pregnant since you can’t take any of the traditional knock-out meds.  I thought up a whole list of Grandma’s Cures to help you feel better with no medication.

Chicken Soup
Who knew, but Chicken soup actually does help you feel better and it has been studied to be more then just a placebo effect. Check out this NY times article for more info. Plus it tastes even better if your mom, friend or hubby makes it and can only benefit your little bun in the oven.

Neti Pot
A neti pot is a small pot with a large spout or also you can now buy them as a squirt bottle. You mix a warm saline solution and irrigate your nasal passages.  It helps clear out all of the junk and lets you breathe easier.  Plus you can repeat it a few times throughout the day if you are having a lot of mucus.  Since it is only a saline solution in your nose and not a medication, it will not effect your baby.  Too scared to try a neti pot (or need some additional relief)? Hold your head over a seamed bowl of water and that will also help the mucus drain. (more…)

Due Date Unknown?

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 by by

Last Thursday I went to the Dr. for an ultrasound to check on the placenta location.  It was low in the beginning, so they were supposed to recheck later to make sure that it was not previa (a condition where the placenta grows over the cervix.  The placenta usually starts low and travels up the uterus as it grows so that it is out of the way during delivery.)

The tech starts the ultrasound and I could see the baby’s heartbeat and the tech was explaining what the different parts where.  She started doing measurements and got really quiet.  She kept measuring and remeasuring the different baby parts. I finally asked if everything was OK, she just ‘couldn’t get a good picture for the measurement’.  Then she asked me what the due date was and looked in my chart and wanted to double check when my last cycle was.  Then she said she ‘would be right back’ and brought the Doctor.

The Doctor said that they think the date is off by 3 weeks!  It looks like baby will be here 3 weeks earlier.  I thought that the date was a little off in the beginning, but it was in my favor in case baby came late and I would not have to worry about being induced.  The other alternative is that the baby is really really big. Mr. BBH is 6’3″, so it may be a big baby also.

Personally, I think that both of these 2 scenarios are right, the date is off by at least a week and baby will be on the bigger size.

Now the due date dilemma ..
when I am really due?

They are going to wait until the first week in November and decide when they think the baby will really come.  I guess whenever baby wants to come is really the answer anyway!

Won’t Back Down…

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by by

Won’t Back Down is not the title of my new comedy album- although it would be a great one, but it is the name of the movie I saw last night before it’s official release into theatres on September 28th, 2012. I laughed, I cried- yes y’all, IT WAS better than Cats! Not just because it had an all-star female cast in Academy Award Nominated actresses Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Academy Award Winner Holly Hunter, but it was so incredibly inspirational.

Won’t Back Down was inspired by actual events of two mothers, one of whom is a teacher, whose ultimate goal is to get the best education they can for their children- thus providing them with skills for the very best future they can have. Without giving too much away, because I truly believe you should ALL see this film; these women, against all odds, rally themselves and their community to get through the red tape bureaucratic BS that keeps so many things status quo and they make a difference. A HUGE difference. They take an entire school that is failing and that has unacceptable learning conditions and they buck the system until they have the chance to create the environment of education and culture that every child should be entitled to in this great country of ours.

I make plenty jokes on this blog because a) I’m a comedian and b) (more…)


Compliments and Cool Stuff…

Friday, October 12th, 2012 by by

When you’re this far along in pregnancy most of us have the potential for feeling heavier and crappier than ever before; so there’s nothing like a huge compliment and a surprise of goodies in the mail to make you feel better about life. Which is why this blog is dedicated to two groups of folks who put a smile on my face this past week.

Shout out #1 goes to Trader Joe’s whom when my husband, CJ, and I don’t get everything we need from the local Farmer’s Market here in SoCal we patronize constantly. Among other things, I love them for carrying gluten free mac ‘n cheese, pasta and ginger snaps . But I am completely in love with them for hiring Jason who when CJ and I were checking out the other day carded me because my husband had put a bottle of beer in the basket. I was like, “Oh, that’s nice- at least you still think I’m under 40.” Then Jason replied, “Actually no, we have to card anyone who looks like they could be under 30.” I wanted to make out with him right there I was so ecstatic.

Shout out #2 goes out to PopSugar who essentially made my entire week with their goodie bag i.e. the POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BAG. I was an honored recipient because of my blogging connection (more…)

At Least I Don’t Have Hemorrhoids…

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 by by

I know, I know that is not the most positive way to start out a blog entry…but after getting less than 2 hours collectively of sleep last night I’m grasping for whatever tidbits of positivity I can to make myself feel better. ‘Cause today I’m bloody shot,  as they say. I’ve always prided myself on being someone who not only sees the glass half full, but appreciates that it is glass and not some crappy plastic cup from a bar that’s contaminated with BPA. But it’s taking A LOT to keep my chin up right now.

I have already called my mother crying a) because she gets it and she’s only 1 hour behind me in Texas b) because my husband CJ is 3 hours behind me in California right now and most likely still asleep. But not to worry I’ve got enough tears stored up so I can cry to him later when he’s fully awake and can appreciate my misery (more…)

5 AMAZING Things about My Pregnancy…

Thursday, October 4th, 2012 by by

As my time as a first time pregnant lady is winding down, I’ve been thinking about how interesting this journey has been for both me and CJ. I’m sure there are WAY more than five things that have been awesome about this experience like how close it’s brought me and my husband.

How my friends and especially my friends who are new moms have rallied around me.

How my parents are beyond delighted to bring a new line of blood- their first grandchild into the world.

But the 5 things that were off the top of my head about why this has been such a great pregnancy are more (more…)


Just Don’t Ask…

Monday, September 24th, 2012 by by

There are rules about what you can and cannot ask women. Well, technically you can ask a woman anything. Just keep in mind that what you ask and how you ask it is telling of your upbringing and your level of couthe.

Back in the day the basic no-no’s were you never asked a woman’s age or her weight. Today those no-no’s still exist, but it has expanded to topics like: Is her hair is really hers? (btw we’re talking the hair on her head or eyelashes) Does she get botox? Are her boobs real? Is that an Adam’s Apple? You guys feel me. You can assume the hell out of someone, but it is TACKY TACKY TACKY to actually vocalize it.

Now, especially considering my current state of being I think it goes without saying that you NEVER E.V.E.R. ask a woman (more…)

Me and My Geriatric Pregnancy…REALLY?!

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 by by

As a comedian, I’m sensitive, that’s part of what makes me so good at my “art”. That is what comedians do, we find humor in pain. But as sensitive as I am, I’m not that easily offended especially when something is done or said with humor as the intention. One of my life rules is: All is fair in love and comedy. But I was so deeply offended the first time I heard about this category and I have been ever since that it’s taken me almost 8 months to write about it. Geriatric Pregnancy.

Now if you’re a visual person, as I am, aren’t you picturing a little old granny on a Rascal rockin’ a baby bump?! Well don’t, not just because its slightly disturbing, but it’s also a false image. Instead picture me, possibly you or any of your other friends who are pregnant that were born during or before 1978/1977- cause that’s who the hell that term refers to. I kid you not.

Sure you can look young and be in great shape, but if you’re 35 and older you’re not only considered “at risk” ’cause you’re ancient to be pregnant (more…)

7 Jewish Pregnancy Traditions

Friday, September 21st, 2012 by by

When I was pregnant with Baby Bear, I went to a lecture at the Sephardi Shul in Chicago about different Jewish pregnancy traditions.  I started digging around to find my list so that I can share and start again for #2.

Most of these are Segulot or Segula.  According to wikipedia, the definition is: סגולה‎, pl. סגולות, segulot, “remedy” or “protection”.  It is a procedure that is not based on medical or scientific logic yet is efficacious in improving a situation or protecting a person from harm. Segulot are commonly traced to Kabbalistic, Talmudic, and rabbinical sources, and are accepted in the religious Jewish world.

Here are some of the Segulot
Give more Charity
‘While all good deeds and mitzvot are beneficial to the unborn child, our sages specifically stress the value of giving extra charity. Being kind to others causes G‑d to treat us in corresponding fashion. In addition to the regular charity one distributes, charity should be given every day—having a charity box at home facilitates this practice. The most auspicious time to give charity is before the Shabbat or Jewish holiday candle-lighting. At that time additional charity should be given, considering that on the following day one will be unable to give charity, due to the restriction against handling money on these holy days.’ (from

Husband opens the ark before the Torah reading during the last month of pregnancy.

‘The Zohar says, (more…)