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Haunted Gingerbread House

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 by by

“Mom, we have to make the pumpkin on here orange or it won’t be realistic anymore.”


Simple 4 Ingredient Strawberry Vinaigrette

Sunday, September 7th, 2014 by by

This salad dressing is simple to make and light and fresh to the taste.

*1/4 cup soy sauce
*1/3 cup rice vinegar
*1 cup of sugar (less if you prefer)
* 3/4 cup strawberries, sweetened

All you have to do is throw all for ingredients into a blender, pulse it a few times, and you have a fresh compliment to many a salad. This is an especially tasty dressing for salads with bitter greens in it, like arugula or mustard greens.

Sunday Night Special – Smells fishy!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 by by

Oh man, late night cravings are the worst, aren’t they? No, I’m not pregnant (at least I don’t think I am). But my husband has it worse than I do. On a limited budget he will still stop at HEB to get a pack of cookies or donuts to eat late at night. It’s so annoying. I on the other hand would love to but have pretty good self-control and will get some crunchy carrots to munch on or something a bit more healthier. But sometimes I do want to finish the whole tub of ice cream, who doesn’t. Thankfully dinner time is pretty low in calories (even though I hate that word, CALORIES) and pretty darn healthy. I wanted to share our dinner we had last night with ya’ll. (more…)

Pizza Night

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 by by

Let’s just pretend this is me, shall we?

Some days I spend hours looking up recipes and slaving in the kitchen only to find that when dinner is served I get a whole lot of “ick”s, “eeeews”, and “I’m just going to have some cold cereal”s.  It’s basically the most depressing part of my day.

Other days, I wait til the last minute to decide what’s on the menu, briefly panic, and then somehow pull together a meal using whatever I can find in the fridge.  Miraculously, these are usually the nights where dinner somehow turns into a modest success.

All five of my kids love pizza, but as we are developing an uncomfortably close relationship with the Domino’s pizza guy (I actually think that their delivery number is ahead of 911 for who the kids would call in case of an emergency), I’ve been trying to cut down on takeout as much as possible. (more…)


DIY Frozen Pizza

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 by by

My husband, for one reason or another, loves frozen pizzas. And not even fancy Freschetta or DiGorno pizzas, but like the crap, made-from-cardboard, less-than-a-dollar ones. They are made from about a million ingredients and have basically zero nutritional value. (I was  curious and actually counted- it had a total of 119 ingredients) Anything that has over 100 ingredients probably isn’t the most natural, so I decided to just make my own. And in addition to the fact that my own frozen pizzas had a much smaller list of ingredients and was more wholesome, they were also half the price of the ‘el crapo’ pizzas that my hubby loves.
(this is totally a thin crust lovers pizza. If you don’t like thin crust, you probalby won’t love this recipe.) (more…)

Avocado Salsa Salad- Fresh AND Refreshing

Monday, April 28th, 2014 by by

I love avocado season, when the prices drop from 1.09 and up to…. 3 or 4 for 1.00! I always buy a dozen or so and go on kind of an avocado binge- I make guacamole, put it in my DIY Sushi- and, perhaps most frequently, this avocado salsa salad. I call it a salsa salad, because I eat it as both. It is mild enough that it can be eaten by the bowlful as a mid-day snack but is also great with tortilla chips or on a grilled tortilla. Bonus? Perfectly vegan.

*4 cups tomatoes, diced
*2 cups onions, diced (Walla Walla or Vidaila are best because they are sweet and mild)
*1/2 bunch cilantro, diced
*7 medium avocados
*juice of 3 limes
*1 Tb garlic salt
*1/2 Tb pepper
*1/2 Tb onion salt

All but the avocado…

Step 1
Mix together everything EXCEPT the avocados into a large bowl.

Step 2
Half the avocados, remove the pit (of course) and cut it horizontally and vertically (see the pic). Run your finger between the flesh of the avocado and the skin in order to remove it directly into the bowl. Once all of the avocados have been added, mix them in very gently, in a folding motion, with a wooden spoon.

Step 3
Enjoy! It’s just a perfect balance of mixed veggies and seasoning.

Madeliene’s Brocco Rice-Passover Dish

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 by by

I tried this really easy recipe to get my kids to eat more veggies. I saw the recipe on Madeliene’s blog and decided to try it.

You use either broccoli rice or cauliflower rice for this alternative to rice and it would be a great addition to any table that doesn’t want to eat any rice.

1 head of broccoli or cauliflower
1 Clove Garlic
1Tbl Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to Taste
1 Onion

*You also need a food processor*

Cut your onion and cut into rings. Lightly brown it in a pan. Set aside. (more…)


BEST Gluten Free Passover Cake!

Monday, April 14th, 2014 by by

This cake is incredible. I took a recipe that had that included baking soda and baking powder and modified it for Passover. The frosting is INCREDIBLE. I would use this for any recipe. It is so easy and much healthier than buttercream frosting plus no added sugar and it tastes rich and creamy. (more…)

Mediterranean Feta and Salmon Stuffed Peppers

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 by by

Feta Salmon Stuffed Peppers
A friend in college made something similar to this for me.  It had dried cherries and tofu.  I wanted to make this with Salmon and it was delicious!  (more…)

Easy Blueberry Muffins

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 by by

Easy Blueberry Muffins - so simple to make my kids helped to make them.

I am a huge fan of warehouse clubs. The problem is sometimes I go overboard. I usually get more fruit than we end up consuming and I am stuck trying to figure out what to do with the rest. We freeze some of it for smoothies and use the rest in other recipes. This past week I bought blueberries, forgetting I already had some at home that were well on their way to mushiness. Since my kids love blueberry muffins I thought we could try making them.  These easy blueberry muffins are sure to become one of our family favorite recipes. (more…)