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October 13th, 2014 by


“Mom? Last night I had a dream I was with Albert Einstein and he was showing me a wormhole.”

“Wow. Really?”

“Yeah. I think I had that dream because the thing I’m best at drawing at is wormholes. Well, wormholes and ice cream cones.”



October 11th, 2014 by

Children: The True Teachers

Lately we have been opting (now and then) to stroll around the block, as opposed to visiting the playground. And let me tell you, these Autumn walks have felt like paradise to this daycare provider! The kids are often just so happy, adorable, and downright angelic. I mean, look, in the photo above, Thomas even has a heavenly beam shining down on him! ;) Read the rest of this entry »

October 9th, 2014 by

Open Up a World of Learning Fun with VTech® Toys!

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No matter what age your child is, VTech®’s developmental learning toys stimulate the senses, ignite the imagination and make learning fun! With a wide variety of educator-supported toys to choose from, you can ensure that you are optimizing your child’s playtime.

For your budding little music prodigy, the Record & Learn KidiStudio™ by VTech® lets kids sing, record and play back their own musical masterpieces. They can play along with 20 melodies in four popular music styles using the voice changer, sound effects and instruments. Now your child can perform and record like a rock star!

Or, if your child is more of a superstar on the court, they can shoot, score and learn with the Smart Shots Sports Center™. Toss the basketball into the hoop to score points, or kick the soccer ball into the net to hear fun sounds. Press buttons, turn gears and flip pages to learn about shapes, numbers and more!

With the Lil’ Speller Phonics Station, your child will learn letters and their sounds by building more than 200 three letter words. He or she can hear the letter sounds by plugging in the letter blocks or learn letter order by determining which letter is missing. Spelling is so much more fun when Lil’ Speller Phonics Stations brings words to life!

Check out the videos above and head here  to see even more interactive play toys available from VTech®.

October 8th, 2014 by

Haunted Gingerbread House

“Mom, we have to make the pumpkin on here orange or it won’t be realistic anymore.”


October 5th, 2014 by

Fun things to do for Fall in Michigan

note: Let me just start by saying that I hate the term “bucket list” since it refers to “kicking the bucket”. I am blogging with the SITS girls fall challenge, so I will change mine to fall fun in Michigan!

image from michigan.org

1) Watching the leaves change colors & Making a collage
This is my favorite part of living in the midwest. Season change is so beautiful and awe inspiring to share with your loved ones. I want to make a fall collage with the girls of different leaf colors. Mini is really good with her colors. It wasn’t until age 3 that Baby Bear could name the color no matter how hard I tried. We will also do some obligatory leaf rubbing pictures too. Read the rest of this entry »

October 3rd, 2014 by

Repurpose Changing Table

The Younger needed a desk, and we missed all the “Back to School” sales. She didn’t need anything major, but I did want there to be enough room for her computer and mouse, plus some extra room for papers and such. I figured we’d go to yard sales or whatnot, but sometimes getting something like that is more trouble than its worth in the end (think lifting, loading, unloading, carrying up the stairs).

I began thinking about what we had around the house, and I realized her changing table might work. I searched Pinterest (of course!), but there wasn’t anything that was designed like the one she had, so I had to come up with an plan on my own.

I think it came out well. All I had to do was removed the brackets that held the drawers, take the back off, and then remove the front lip at the bottom that secured it (which we then switched around to the back and drilled in place for more stability). We had to use a jigsaw for the bottom to cut it out (we wanted to keep the cabinet on the side for her computer tower), so that was the only ‘real’ hardware need.

October 1st, 2014 by

Things about me you didn’t know

I realize that you might know a lot about Baby Bear and Mini and not so much about me. I also sometimes lose myself in my children (for the good and bad) and decided to focus on myself for the minute.


1. I have one less set of ribs
{it must be genetic because my aunt has the same thing!}

2. All of the first born girls on my dad’s side are named after my great grandma Esther (Brooke Esther)

3. My parents almost named me Barry. Bonnie and B’nai were also in the running. Can you picture me as a Bonnie?? They came up with Brooke last minute. Read the rest of this entry »


September 29th, 2014 by

I Did What I Said I Wouldn’t Do…….

I did it. I bought my son a cell phone. I have a really good reason though!!! We don’t have a home phone, so if something happens my kids have no way of getting in touch with me. What could possibly happen?? Their dad watches them while I work, he’s almost 50!! Anything could happen!! Ok, not just that, but what if there’s a fire? What if they’re out with their dad and get separated? What if, god forbid, their dad has a heart attack or gets sick? They need a way to get a hold of me, or the police, or an ambulance. And they had no way of doing that before since we don’t have a home phone. So I bought Lex a phone.  He does not take it to school though! Not yet. Well save that for when he’s in middle school. Of course, Lola is allowed to use it if she wants to or needs to tell me something absolutely very important. :) It’s cute, actually. Lex sends me text messages while he’s with his dad, and I respond with kitten pictures. It’s great. Somehow though, this has turned into Lex needing deodorant now as well, because, you know, he’s now a man with his own phone. ;)


September 27th, 2014 by

Artwork Display

Now that The Younger has started kindergarten, I am overwhelmed with papers. I figured out that each person in the house needs a bin that they are responsible for checking if they’re missing paperwork or to see if they have mail (this is mostly for the 6’6″ child in my house), but I was struggling with what to do with The Younger’s artwork. Our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, and our pantry door has no more room to tape her latest creations, so I was stuck.

Until the Dollar Store that is! They had clothespins when I went this time, and right there next to it was a bin full of decorative masking tape!

All it took was some cutting, and the younger covered the top (displayed) side of the clothespin. Now I just string a ribbon wherever I want her art displayed, and we have the means to pin them up without a lot of fuss :-)

September 25th, 2014 by

Yeah, That

“… and that’s what they mean by ‘genetic trait.’”

“So, Mom? Like the genetic traits I have from you are my hair color and my skin color and the ones I get from Dad are that I’m tall and smart?”

“Yeah, and I think you could say you get ‘smart’ from both of us.”

“I know you’re smart too but I mean like really smart like Dad.”