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4-H : a year with rabbits

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 by by

With three out of four kids now owning rabbits, this was a big year for us in 4-H. Alexei and Ibis attended two 4-H rabbit shows, and we had two litters of babies, the first unsuccessful and the second a big old fluffy pile of cuteness. Of all the 4-H animal projects, this one is probably the easiest and most popular, especially with the younger kids!

For the first time last November, our county decided to host a district rabbit and poultry show, meaning it was open to 4-H kids in all 6 counties in our area instead of just our county. A 4-H show is really great because it includes more than just handing over your rabbits to a judge to decide who has the best conformation. Since it’s all about kids and learning, the rabbits themselves are judged one by one against a standard that takes into account the rabbit’s care and condition, and then the best rabbits go on to further rabbit-to-rabbit competition. The kids can also enter showmanship, where they individually go up in front of the judge and demonstrate knowledge of handling and scoring a show rabbit. Finally, they can take the skill-a-thon, which is a written test of rabbit parts, breeds, nutrition, and general knowledge. Lots of learning going on! (more…)


4-H : focus on photography

Friday, May 18th, 2012 by by

Today, Alexei and Ibis put the finishing touches on their 4-H project books in preparation for handing in at Thursday’s County Council meeting. Once again, I was completely impressed by their efforts and the broad range of activities in which they participated this year. I can’t say it enough: if you homeschool, 4-H is a gold mine. This year, Alexei continued his work in the photography book, took on the second book in the rabbit series, and completed his first year in the shooting sports air rifle project. Ibis finished her first year in the rabbit book and her first year in an online art project. Hands-on curriculum, opportunities for leadership and citizenship, and healthy competition were highlights of their 4-H year.

If you’ve never seen a 4-H project book in-depth, it may all sound foreign. Most of us can’t get past the idea that 4-H is “only for farm kids,” but if you are willing to look further, I can guarantee you will be amazed. The following are some details from Alexei’s year studying 4-H photography, and I’ll have future blog posts on the remaining projects (no really, I promise!). See for yourself what 4-H has to offer! (more…)

All’s fair that ends fair

Saturday, February 26th, 2011 by by

Finally, the photos from the last weekend of the fair are upon us! In addition to Alexei’s rabbit activities, Ibis had her shoebox float parade and the kids had to work for an hour in the 4-H strawberry shortcake booth as community service to help raise money for our county’s clubs. The last big thing was the awards ceremony.

Ibis loved the parade again this year; it’s almost too bad she won’t be a Cloverbud next year!


Hippity hoppity

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 by by
Hard to believe he’s ten and about to embark on his first rabbit show adventure.
Also hard to believe that’s a rabbit.

Striking gold (or green!)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 by by

You can teach kids long division, and you can drill them in handwriting. You can ask them to write a description, learn to spell, or even read a science chapter about animals. Chances are none of that will be too exciting for them, and if any of it sticks around, you should consider yourself lucky. Do you remember half of the stuff you learned in school?

I’ve found a curriculum for teaching my oldest (age ten, grade four) that is engaging, hands-on, of interest to him personally, and ripe with social activities and tangible rewards. I used to label it as “just extracurricular” until I realized it already contains practically every skill my kids will need in life, and it comes in a form that they want to embrace. This is the good stuff, and it’s called 4-H. (more…)

My Fair Lady

Sunday, January 9th, 2011 by by

Tomorrow is the big day: fair registration, the day the kids and I commit ourselves to what we’re entering, dragging along, piecing together, slaving over, and lugging to the fair next month. I admit I’m giddy over this – we had so much fun last year, our first year in 4-H. We were absolutely clueless, and it was mayhem trying to get stuff done last-minute, but it marked the first time the kids had ever exhibited anything, and what a great experience it was. We have our work cut out for us this year!

Alexei has decided that he’s going to enter thirteen classes this year. (Nothing like a lucky number, eh?) One of his classes is the rabbit show, which is a live class, and the other twelve will simply display his entries at the fairgrounds with all the other 4-H happenings. He’s decided to enter a drawing, a model, a wooden toy car he built with his grandpa, four photographs, a photo story, a tabletop display, and three different baked goods. I know he’s hoping for lots of blue ribbons and premiums, and I hope his hard work pays off for him! (more…)