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Toddler Activities by Age (Indoor and Outdoor)

Thursday, June 30th, 2011 by by
This is a list of activities I’m compiling, not just for other parents or daycare providers out there, but for myself as well. It will be something that I continue to add to as I brainstorm more ideas, and refer to it when I need ideas. (Also, the ages on the list will increase as the kids at the daycare grow older and I learn what works for them.)
This list is a general guideline for the most appropriate time to introduce each activity. Thus, once I have mentioned an activity on the list, I do not repeat it, even though it can still be enjoyed (often even more so) at later ages. To reiterate, if you have come upon this site looking for activity ideas for your 2-year-old, check the entire list, as you may appreciate some of those listed under “6 months,” for example. Some children will vary; they will be more receptive to certain activities sooner or later than what I have suggested.   The activities on this list do not involve any specific toys, but do include general or common toys I consider to be essential, or maybe I should say optimal, for childhood learning. The only activities I have not included in this list are those pertaining to music and reading. I believe activities from these two categories should be integral to a child’s life from birth.



Another Eggsellent Activity

Friday, March 19th, 2010 by by

I love this time of year for thinking of new activities, because there are so many products out there that are egg shaped. Eggs are great for little hands to manipulate and explore. Don’t be surprised if you see egg-themed activities on my blog through the month of April!

In the Easter section of our grocery store, I found these plastic eggs for about $4. They come in a plastic container that the eggs nestle into nicely, and each larger egg has two smaller eggs inside of it. I’m looking for ways to help Jonah with his fine motor skills, as well as his balance. Manipulating these eggs to find the smaller eggs inside, and even just putting them into each slot in the container, is a great way to get Jonah to use his fine motor skills. By putting the container on an elevated surface, where Jonah had to let go of the surface in order to play the game, we worked on his balance at the same time!