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Earning and Saving

Thursday, September 29th, 2011 by by

With Eric getting bigger – I still marvel every day as he throws on his backpack and climbs onto the school bus – he’s discovered that things cost money. Tricky business, that, as he no longer gets to pipe up saying “I want that!” and have it magically become his! A lot of things he requests be added to his wish list for his birthday or Christmas, but when there’s something he just HAS to have, some toy or game, it’s becoming his responsibility. (Not always, of course; he still gets some freebies!)

Of course, to buy things, you have to have money. We are terribly mean parents, though, and we don’t just give it to him – he needs to earn it. Sometimes he earns it by identifying money for Daddy – a quick lesson in what a dime, nickel, quarter, and penny is can earn those coins for him, or he’ll help count the bills and add them up to tell Daddy how much money he has (earning a little of his own along the way). For everything else…

I was tempted to say “There’s MasterCard,” but I managed to restrain myself.

Instead of an allowance, Eric has a chart of “extra” chores. These do not include the things that are just expected of him: putting his clothes in the hamper when they’re dirty, cleaning up his toys, putting away his folded laundry, etc. (more…)