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Attachment Parenting is not a tool for spoiling!

Monday, July 18th, 2011 by by

Earlier this week, I encountered a conversation with some friends of a friend that actually surprised me. I suppose I am so used to be surrounded by people who at least can admit that validity in Attachment style Parenting that I’m not used to people completely dismissing it as a form of spoiling.
I love Dr. Sears view on the subject: Spoiling happens when a child is put on the shelf, left alone, forgotten about – the way that food spoils.”

I’m not speaking ill of methods of parenting, but I do believe whole heartily in the logic with AP, and there are numerous studies and research to back it up.

Baby wearing is not “new age.” Wearing your children has been around since the dawn of time practically, and nearly every culture has their own ways to do it. Strollers are more new age. The first stroller was invented in the 1700′s. Babies were worn long before then. It’s not new, and it’s doesn’t spoil the baby. Studies actual show that a child who is attended to, a child raised in the AP style, tends to be more independent and well adjusted when they grow up. That’s not to say using a stroller will make your child dependent and maladjusted, it’s just more in favor for babywearing.

Not all baby wraps and slings are made equal. Snugglie, Baby Bjorn, etc are very bad for baby’s spine. The more primitive the carrier the better for baby. Slings, wraps (like Moby’s), and soft structured carriers are far better. The ERGO is a good compromise as the baby sits, rather than dangles. Plus, the baby is skin to skin with mama, where the Baby Bjorn and Snugglie are more in a pouch. (more…)


Attachment in an Unattached Society

Saturday, September 18th, 2010 by by

So it’s 9pm and all of the kids are mercifully, miraculously in bed. I should probably take a shower and climb into bed myself, but here I sit eating a bowl of Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream for my dinner and musing over a blog post. Life’s been pretty challenging lately; with our recent move and juggling four kids and homeschooling and all the crazy antics that go along with that, I have a full plate. Throw in some struggles with kids number 2 and 4, and I start feeling like I’ve reached my breaking point. But hey, at least he’s cute, right? Nature’s idea of self-preservation. The biggest troublemakers are always the cute ones. And *all* of my kids are cute.

See, I told you.

I was lying on my bed this afternoon, nursing a headache (no pun intended!) and trying mightily, vainly to lull the baby to sleep. I started thinking about being an attached parent, and how it makes me feel, and how easy and difficult it makes my life. (more…)

Can you tell me why?

Monday, May 18th, 2009 by by

Why do I have to have one set parenting style? Hmmm??? Where is it written that I have to follow one parenting style to the tee and not use any others? And why must I even have to label myself as an “Attachment Parenting” or “Traditional Parenting” parent?

Can’t I just be a, um, parent?

Yes, I do co-sleeping, yes, I hold my baby when she fusses, and yes, I prefer to breastfeed my child whenever possible and introduce as little formula as possible. BUT… I also believe in my spanking, CIO (when the baby’s older), and not letting my children run the show. I use what works with my children, and who knows, maybe the same things won’t work for Bella that work for the boys, and if they don’t I’ll find what does work and use that. I’m not going to say the way I parent is the right way that everyone should use, because there is no set one way that works (more…)