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{Signing Saturday} Does Signing Delay Speech?

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 by by

Recently I got to see a bunch of my mom’s friends that I hadn’t seen for a couple years. In fact this was the first time they got to meet my youngest, Ev. We were talking about how he isn’t much of a talker but that he has nearly 50 signs that he uses regularly and that he makes up his own signs. One of my mom’s friends asked me “Do you think he isn’t talking because you taught him sign language?”

This is a pretty common question. So does teaching your baby sign language delay his speech? The simple answer:

NO. There is no evidence to support that teaching sign language delays speech. In fact, the opposite may be true.

Dr. Linda Acredolo  and Dr. Susan Goodwyn have conducted numerous studies over the last 20 years on the use of sign language with hearing infants. One of these studies was funded by the National Institutes of Health and had the following outcomes (more…)


Sign Language: Weaving it Into Daily Activities

Saturday, June 30th, 2012 by by

So I have gone over the who, what, where, how, why and when of signing. Today I am going to go over a little more about the when and what.

Signing Can Be Incorporated Into Everyday Activities

As I have said many times, language is not learned in a bubble. Children learn language all day, every day, within every activity they take part in. This is important to keep in mind as you think about how to incorporate teaching your little ones signs. Remember: sign language is just that, language. Therefore, the more you can sign, the more your little one will learn. And the more relevant those signs are that you are teaching your little ones to them, the quicker they will pick them up and use them! So…how and when can you weave sign language into your day? Let me give you some examples!

  • Wake up: When your little one wakes you can greet her with a hello, Good Morning and snuggles…maybe some milk and an “I love you.” :)
  • Diaper changes: This is a great time to introduce the sign for diaper!
  • Getting Dressed: Yup…we gotta get dressed so this is a great time to introduce some simple signs like shoes and socks or hat.
  • Breakfast: All meal times are excellent times to introduce signing vocabulary. The signs more, all done, and please are great ones to use during meal times, but don’t forget to teach her the names of some of her favorite foods! Maybe banana, apple, bread, or waffle would be good ones to start with!
  • (more…)

Sign Language: How to Pick the Signs to Teach Your Children

Monday, February 6th, 2012 by by

As you all know, I am working on teaching sign language to both my one year old Ev and my three year old. Recently, I posted about how we are learning sign language. However, everyday I say out loud about a thousand times, “Oh, I should look up that sign!” but then, of course, I could never remember what the signs were later that night to go look them up. So, I came up with a real simple solution.

I carried around a pad of paper and a pen for a whole day and wrote down all the words that I find myself using often with my son.

Simple, right? I ended up with a nice list of words that we use on a regular basis. My plan is to try to teach myself a few signs a day. If I stick to just a few a day (or every other day) and use them daily, I will soon have a much bigger repertoire of signs that are based on my child’s interests and needs. The more I use them, the more likely my children will learn them.

Because I have taken sign language courses (a while back) and have used ASL in my speech therapy sessions in the past, I am finding myself going, “Oh yeah, I remember that one!” on most of the signs I look up!

So this is one simple way to determine the signs that you want to work on with your little ones. I hope this will help some of you who want to learn sign language with your child but feel overwhelmed at the prospect. In addition to using these words, we are watching the first four volumes of the Signing Time series.

If you are signing to your children how to you pick the signs you are working on?


Why Sign Language Can Work for You and Your Infant & Toddler

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by by

Today I am so excited to bring you this guest post from Kristy Davies, MS CCC-SLP. Kristy is a fellow speech language pathologist and is going to share some information on using sing language with babies and toddlers, specifically using American Sign Language to sign with them, something she and I are both very passionate about!

The use of sign language has grown in popularity over the past several years as parents begin to learn the great benefits of signing. Signing with your baby can provide you a new perspective on their thoughts and feelings and build more positive relationships. Signing with your toddler can empower their desire to communicate and be good ol’ fun!

Why sign with your child? Research has shown positive results using sign language with children to:

  • reduce frustrations (for both parents and children) & tantrums
  • increase social skills
  • increase joint attention skills
  • promote early communication
  • increase vocabulary skills
  • increase reading abilities and desire to read
  • increase visual attending skills
  • increase in cognitive development (higher IQs)
  • minimize “terrible two’s”

With that being, there are myths about signing with your infants and toddlers that is important to dismiss. (more…)


The sign for Cracker

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 by by

Jonah’s newest sign is for “cracker.” He usually uses this in reference to cheese crackers or potato chips. He also likes to eat avocado on saltines. This also happens to be his grandpa’s favorite snack, and if Jonah sees him eating it he will go over to him and sign “cracker” until he gets a bite! Such a moocher!


Using Signing to Enforce Verbal Language

Friday, March 5th, 2010 by by

One of my biggest fears about going through speech therapy was that the therapists were going to recommend that we stop signing with Jonah. This might seem logical to some, and as I posted previously, it is the unsolicited advice that I get from fellow mothers quite a bit. But knowing what I know about how language is formed, I strongly (VERY strongly) believe that this would actually hinder Jonah’s speech. It would actually make him a lot more frustrated with language and take away the ONLY connections that he has between his actions and communicating what he is thinking or needs.

I discussed this with the speech pathologist last week. We talked about my fears of following the advice that so many have given me, and we talked about (more…)

Sign Language

Thursday, March 4th, 2010 by by

I have done American Sign Language with Dakota since she was born. She started signing around 8 months old.

We haven’t done signs in a while so Dakota and I were going over them today. She was a little rusty, she needed help with the words like Sorry, Frog, Mom and Water. I took a video of her signing, of course right before the video she signed everything correctly. But once she sees herself on video, she looses concentration and loves to act goofy! Like a normal 3 year old of course!

So here is the video of Dakota using some signs, check it out!


Thank God for Baby Signs

Sunday, February 28th, 2010 by by

My last post was about Jonah and his “baby signing.” Jonah knows about twenty signs at this point. I have posted in the past about our signing, but I don’t do it as frequently as I should. I am trying to post about it more, as it has become something completely invaluable in our lives.

Jonah does not talk. Not verbally anyway, he does (more…)

Signing Bath

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 by by

One of Jonah’s newest signs is “bath.” It amazes me that this child hated baths just a few months ago! Over the summer, we gradually had to introduce him into the pool and the bath tub. One day we would just fill the tub or pool and let him get used to the noise and the whole routine. Then another day we would encourage him to splash in the water. We took baby steps like this all the way until he would let us put him in the water.

Now, he absolutely loves bath time, and (more…)

Baby Signing Success, Finally!

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 by by

While I was pregnant with my first son I decided I wanted to work on baby signs with him.  I didn’t buy any materials; I just looked up the signs I wanted to use online.

Starting at 3 months I began signing “milk,” and when he began eating solids we started working on “eat,” “more,” “all done,” and “drink.”

I have pretty consistent signed these few words to him almost his entire life.  But I didn’t see any signs!  While I knew other babies (more…)