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Hot Topic Friday *Bath Time*

Friday, October 19th, 2012 by by

Welcome to Hot Topic # 4. Gonna make this one a quicky…. gotta get back to doing laundry, lol. Eli has a bacterial infection and is super clingy. She’s taking a nap, so I thought I’d type this out real quick before she wakes up…..

I wanted to talk about something I have been thinking about since having another baby (she’s going on 10 weeks now!). It’s not really a “hot topic” just a “What do you think” type blog today. It’s something we all do and I think we should enjoy it…


Bath time to me is a chore and I feel like a bad mother if I don’t bathe my girls everyday. But I don’t! My oldest daughter, who’s now 8, use to love to take a bath. When she was a baby I would bathe her atleast 4-5 times a day. And then I stopped taking her a bath when she started school at around 5. I gave her the excuse that she’s a big girl and if she wants to be stinky then she didn’t have to take a bath. And now she also sees bath as a chore and usually whines when I tell her it’s time to take a bath. With her, I know that she now does have to take a bath daily because she sweats and is starting to stink, especially her feat, lol.

Then when we had baby number two (more…)