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Last Night

Thursday, September 20th, 2012 by by

Last night Bob spent the night with his grandparents and I stayed up way past my usual bedtime and went to see Mr. Rosenberg’s band play. The place was crowded and the band sounded lovely, but the most important part of the evening was: I got carded. Carded as in, “May I see your ID please?” My birthday is on Thursday and I will be turning 48-years-old. Perhaps they card everyone at that club, I do not care to know. What I do know is that they carded me.

Best birthday present ever.


Ten Things About Turning TEN

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 by by

Eliza successfully cruised into her double-digit year yesterday with a lot of love from family and friends.  If this kid doesn’t run for office some day, I’ll be surprised.  In Eliza’s circles, yesterday was practically a national holiday.

1)  I was much better prepared the night before this time around.  I had decorations up, cake made, and presents wrapped all before midnight.

2)  All Eliza has talked about is getting her own iPod touch.  For the past year, she has “shared” Hayden’s old iPod with Weston and Kellan.  And when I say “share,” I mean they let her hold it for about 5 seconds before breathing down her neck for their next turn.   (more…)

Birthday Prints and Portraits – Guest Post from mk inspired

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 by by
I know you are going to love this craft from mk inspired.  I just adore it and will be adding it to my birthday traditions.  Krista shares all her fabulous ideas and creations over at mk inspired. She is  mama of two and I just love all the sweet activities she does with her kids. Please visit her and say hi!

Hi! I am THRILLED to be guest posting here today. I am so thankful and honored that I was invited to share a project with you!  My name is Krista, and you can find me (and my two little ones) speckled in paint or stuck in glue over at mk inspired.

I have to admit that I am overly sentimental at times. Having two pre-schoolers doesn’t make things easy, as I am holding on to their early years for dear life. I enjoy finding creative ways to capture and document their growth. So I would like to share a little birthday project that has become a family tradition each year.



Birthday Pics

Monday, June 27th, 2011 by by

Daddy had a wonderful birthday! Mommy & the kids gave Daddy the best cookies in the world. They come from this little place called The Cookie Jar.

And, yep, one of the kids wrote Daddy’s name. That would be Gabi. He loved the cookies. But even more than the cookies, he loved his snuggle/nap time with Ian. It must be a boy thang. (more…)


Happy Father’s Day & Happy Birthday Daddy!

Saturday, June 25th, 2011 by by

We had a 1-2 combo this week! Sunday was Father’s Day. Today is my beloved’s birthday.

It all started with breakfast in bed. I made sausage gravy with biscuits, scrambled eggs, & sausage on the side.

To boot, a brand new Starbucks coffee mug, because those are the bomb diggity, filled with a cafe mocha, no fat, no whip. That’s how we roll in this here house! He even shared his specialness with the kids. They ate breakfast with Daddy in the bedroom and on the bed. (more…)

Zach’s birthday dinner surprise

Friday, June 17th, 2011 by by

We got to my mom’s house yesterday to pick up Zach to take him out for his birthday. He was pretty excited…until he got in the car and we told him the plan was to go to Starbuck’s and the bookstore. That kind of deflated his excitement some. lol He gradually began to warm up to idea, talking about what books he wanted and such. He then (very innocently) says:
”Hey Mommy, isn’t GameStop next to Starbuck’s and the bookstore? Maybe Daddy and I can go in there and look around while you look at books.”

Sneaky butthead is going to ruin our plans! lol The plan was we were taking him to GameStop. That was part one of the surprise, and he basically guessed it!

We got to GameStop, and we told him he could get a new game for his Gameboy (it’s a rather old one… lol one of the original Gameboy Color ones from way back in the when Pokémon was new era. Hey… it was free from my brother and works.) Zach looks skeptical at this and reminds us that new games do not work on his old Gameboy. We told him it was OK, someone told us it would work, and if not, we could always return it. He picked what we knew he would, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. We get back to the car and John tells Zach (since he didn’t bring his Gameboy) he should just “look at the game and imagine you’re playing it.” When Zach says he can’t imagine playing something he hasn’t played, John pulls out a case and tells him to go ahead and just put the game in there for now.

Inside the case is a new Nintendo DS Lite.
His reaction, and I quote, “NO WAY!!! Is that what I think it is?!?!”




*sob* Happy 7th Birthday to Zach! *sob*

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 by by
Birthday plans for the birthday boy:
morning – VBS
afternoon – cupcakes with friends
night – birthday dinner and surprise
Be on the lookout sometime tomorrow for a follow up about his birthday surprise.

She Made a Wish….

Monday, June 13th, 2011 by by
…we’ll see if it comes true…

Happy Birthday TWO You!!!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 by by

For Naomi, it’s been a LONG wait for her birthday to arrive!  To her, it’s the day where we all sing, “‘Happy birthday to you’ really, really loudly!”  She’s all about the song and the party. Lawson can’t stop talking about the presents!  And it’s not even his birthday!  For me, it’s kind of shocking that this day is already here.  That part never changes.  Birthdays are always here a little sooner than I’d like them to be.

This birthday is a little different than we had planned.  There was a party set for tomorrow, and I had visions of fun activities today as a family, but Quincy came down with the flu last night and Naomi woke up with a temperature of 102.  She’s all kinds of fun today!  Lots of screaming and crying and yelling.  I keep hearing “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” in my head!  Lawson’s not helping by doing all he can to pester her, but what are big brothers for if not to drive the women around them a little crazy?  So, it’s a sick day today for a birthday, and the party is postponed so we don’t send vomiting, diarrhea, and fevers home as party favors.

Sick day or not, it’s all about my special girl.  (more…)

He’s Got This Figured Out

Friday, May 27th, 2011 by by

We’re sitting in the living room, with me about to do my exercise on the Wii, when Eric pipes up quite suddenly with an announcement.

“Mommy! On the second month, it’s going to be my birthday!”

“You’re right, Eric – only two months to go!” I agree cheerily. “Do you know what you want for you birthday?”

“YES! I want my own car, and a TV for myself that I can play games on, and I think I want my own Pop Tarts too. Maybe I will share them with Danny – but just the Pop Tarts.”

A little bribery never hurt, right?