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Quick update

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 by by

It’s very difficult typing one handed, so this may not be the best post.

Wednesday, the 23rd, I woke up super nervous.  I took a shower while the rest of my family ate super delicious, yummy bacon and eggs.  I was hungry, but had to fast for the surgery, and I was too nervous to eat anyway.  Pants, our babysitter, arrived with his monster of a dog around 9:15.  Jovi loved his dog and followed him around the whole time.  It was hilarious to see our puppy following a huge mastiff around.  I sat down before we left, and per instructions, scrubbed my arm and hand with soap for 15 minutes. We left the house around 10 and ran to Bakers really quick to pick up a pacifier for Charlie.  The plan was that Chris would try to pacify him as long as possible before giving him a bottle.

We arrived at the hospital right around 11 and checked in.  Shortly after, we were taken back to the pre-op room, and I nursed Charlie one last time.  They gave me this ridiculous Bear Paws gown that actually hooks up to a heating system during surgery.  It was very bulky and uncomfortable.  They started my IV with antibiotics, and the anesthesiologist came back in to talk to me.  It was the same lady as before, very nice.  She could see how nervous I was, and she gave me a mild sedative to calm down.  She also assured me that being awake unknowingly is very rare – that was honestly one of my biggest fears.

A short while later, I felt extremely itchy and jittery – like I needed to run around.  They came to check on me and told me my whole body was red.  (more…)


A whole bunch of stuff…

Saturday, June 19th, 2010 by by

It seems like when one thing in your life is thrown out of balance, everything else seems to follow. I’ve been meaning to compose my thoughts here, but I’m having a hard time thinking clearly with everything going on. I apologize if this post comes off as harried.

Surgery is set and approaching quickly. As the 23rd nears, I’m becoming more and more nervous. This isn’t a minor surgery, it’s completely life altering. Every day that passes now is the last day of the week that I’ll have the ability to bend my left wrist. With that said, surgery couldn’t come soon enough. I’ve had to increase my pain killers by quite a few just to get through the day without being a total mess from pain.

I’ve been battling with the hospital I’m having my surgery at over my rights to breastfeed following surgery. They told me that I couldn’t nurse for 24 hours following surgery. I know this is false, and is old school thinking. New studies show that as soon as mom is awake and alert enough to nurse, she can. I explained this to the Robin, the scheduler at my surgeon’s office, and she told me I needed to be “realistic” and that “nursing isn’t that important.” She also told me that, in 20 years of working, she’s never come “this close” to losing it on a patient before. Finally she contacted a liaison at the hospital I’m having the surgery at for me to discuss this with. Unfortunately, Sue is quite similar to Robin, and I continued to get an ear full. I told Sue that I’d be more than happy to have my IBCLC, Debbie, contact her. She said that was fine, I’m assuming in an attempt to get me off the phone, and hung up. Debbie called her, and Sue refused (more…)

Saw the Surgeon Again

Monday, May 31st, 2010 by by

I saw my surgeon again on Friday.  After reading the report from the rheum, he asked me if we wanted to set a date up for surgery.  My left wrist is the one that is bothering me the most, so we are fusing that wrist first.  Surgery is set for June 23rd.  I’ll go in at 11 am, and the surgery is scheduled for 1 pm.  They booked the OR for 2 hours, and said I should be back in recovery with Chris and Charlie by 4 pm.

Right now we are fighting for the right to breastfeed after surgery.  I know Charlie will need a bottle while I’m in the surgery, which frightens me to no end, but the doctors are telling me they don’t want me nursing for 24 hours after surgery.  That isn’t going to happen.  All the literature shows that a nursing mom can nurse as soon as she is alert.  There is no danger to baby except the possibility of passing out and smothering the child – so it should never be done without supervision.  I tried to explain this to them, but they weren’t listening and the scheduling nurse was very condescending.  I told her I’d contact my IBCLC if that would help, and she set me up with a liaison at the hospital where the surgery would be.  The hospital agreed to allow Chris and Charlie to room with me, so that was one hurdle that was cleared.  On Tuesday my IBCLC is contacting the hospital on my behalf and working it out with anesthesiologist, not only for me but to educate him for future surgeries on lactating women.  It will be quite a feat to nurse, but I will let nothing deter me.  (more…)