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Dear Target:

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 by by

Breastfeeding is not obscene. See?

Recently, in a Houston, Texas area Target, a breastfeeding mom was harassed and humiliated for breastfeeding, discretely, in the store. Yesterday, a nationwide Nurse-in was staged in more than 250 Target stores in 35 states across the country, and even in Canada. Here I am with one other mom, nursing our babes in our local Target.

Also? Have you seen NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne’s Twitter debacle after he encountered a nursing mom in a grocery store?

Kasey later apologized on his Facebook page, stating in part:
“My comments were not directed at the mother’s right to breastfeed. They were just a reaction to the location of that choice, and the fashion in which it was executed on that occasion.”

But clearly, based on the above, he still has no idea.


I’ve been banned

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 by by

That’s right. I’ve been banned from News Word Radio’s Facebook page. I never attacked anyone, I didn’t post profanity, I didn’t threaten anyone, nor did I post obscene photos, yet I was banned. I believe I was banned because I posted this photo of my Grandmother nursing my Mother in 1948:

There is nothing obscene, disgusting or gross about this photo. You can’t see any portion of my Grandmother’s breast, yet it was deleted almost immediately after I posted it to their Facebook page. (more…)

In Protest (Since we’re entitled that)

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 by by

You know – like the way we’re entitled to our opinions.

I have opinions on many many things, very strong opinions on most. This includes breastfeeding.

I am all for breastfeeding. This includes nursing in public. Many of you know my stance on breastfeeding isn’t the best. I’m for it and I agree that, for the most part, it is what is best for your baby. I applaud those who nurse for as long as their child wants to. I was ecstatic with how well Belly picked up on it, and heartbroken when she self-weaned at 4-ish months, even though it turned out that not nursing was extremely better for her. I’m also pretty vocal on the fact that giving your child formula or a bottle is just as good. I actually take an even stronger stance on that. Does this mean I think that mothers should not nurse their babies in public, or that if they do so they should be as covered or as away from people as possible? No. Does this mean I think you should just give your baby a bottle of breast milk or formula instead? No. It’s your right to provide nutrition for your child in the way you feel is best when your child is hungry. It’s your responsibility to mind the health of your child. (more…)

I support your right to say something really really stupid

Friday, July 9th, 2010 by by

Social media is a wonderful thing.  Say something stupid in a public setting (like on your radio show) and you can guarantee that it’ll spread like a wild fire all over Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Just like this gem that I happened upon today:
Skip forward to about 6 minutes into the broadcast and you’ll hear Lisa Rollins, co-host of the Morning Show for News Radio 106.3 FM in Greenville, SC, expound on nursing in public.  I am not a lactivist, but I am outraged at the ignorance of this woman.  Her archaic ideas about breastfeeding in public just absolutely shocked me.  I mean, I know that there are people out there who share her opinion on nursing in public, but it astounds me that someone in the public eye (or ear, in this case) would speak out so boldly and in such an ignorant, uneducated and archaic way.  She even laughs at one point when talking to a caller about the idea of nursing in a bathroom and says “well, you do what you gotta do”.  Right.  A nursing mom does what she’s gotta do.  A baby has to eat, when it needs to eat.  Anytime, anywhere.

Like I said, I’m not a breast feeding natzi.  I honestly don’t care how you choose to feed your child.  Do I think breastfeeding is best? Absolutely.  Do I think all moms should at least try breastfeeding?  Sure, but who am I to dictate what you do


Kim Kardashian’s Breastfeeding Tweet

Saturday, June 26th, 2010 by by

I’m usually not one for following celebrity nonsense, especially people who are celebrities just for being celebrities.  This story really caught my attention and I can’t help but not comment on it.  Kim Kardashian (who’s sister has a baby boy she BF’s) made a comment on her Twitter that blew me away…

“EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breastfeeding her baby with no coverup then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper”

This is a woman who poses provocatively for photos, including a nude pictorial in Playboy.  She’s ok with her breasts being exposed in a sexual fashion, but not for breastfeeding, which of course, is what they’re intended for.  I’m a big breasted woman, and when I breastfed Junior, less of my breasts were exposed then if I wore (more…)

Know Your Rights! Breastfeeding in Public.

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 by by

I realize that World Breastfeeding Week is over, but there is something I have been thinking about for a while and wanted to post about.  Everytime I nurse my son in a public place, I am always prepared with a witty comeback to defend my rights.  But, I am not prepared with what I should be: proof of legality.  I am perfectly within my rights to breastfeed in public; covered, uncovered, semi covered, etc.  If the manager at Uno’s came to me and asked me to leave I would have choice words for him, but would I be able to justify my right to breastfeed with concrete fact?  A few days ago I looked up my rights.  La Leche League has a handy list of state laws, which I utilized.  Here is the law for New York State: (more…)