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Brushing Technique

Monday, December 13th, 2010 by by

Today at OT, we talked about listening therapy again, something that we’ve planned to start for the last 2 months but one thing or another prevented it. Seamus has tried the headphones and cd player a few times at OT, but he doesn’t like them and always takes them off, complaining they hurt his head, or it’s too loud, or he doesn’t like the music (part of his sensory issues). We think the listening therapy will help Seamus progress and relax, but his OT brought up a different therapy/technique to try first.

Our OT brought up the Brushing Technique and asked if I had heard of it, which I hadn’t. She explained it to me – basically, it should help calm him down and give him the sensory input that he needs. She wants us to try this before we go on to the listening therapy; right now she doesn’t think he would do the LT because of how he acts with the music and headphones.

She gave me a run down of what to do. I thought Seamus would freak out when she was first explaining it to me. You use a surgical brush to brush down their extremities and back, and I thought it would be a pokey and hard brush. The brush is actually fairly soft and doesn’t hurt. (She showed me on me, then on Seamus, how to do it). I have to brush down his arms first, applying pressure to give him the deep sensory input he needs, then his back, and last his legs. After I’m done brushing, I have to do his joint compression, which is pushing all his joints in his extremities together 10x’s each joint (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees and feet).

I was amazed when she showed Seamus and I. (more…)