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3 Steps to Confidence in Business

Monday, May 16th, 2011 by by

As if we women don’t face enough issues in motherhood and life, one that often comes up is the issue of confidence and self esteem. The old stories always come up…

“I don’t know how to run a business…”

“I’ve never sold products before…”

“What if my clients/customers find out that I’m new?”

“What if this business doesn’t work?”

“What if I’m not good enough?”

There are plenty of business materials out there to teach your how to market, sell, and build a business. There aren’t too many to teach you how to be confident in yourself while doing it. Without confidence, you won’t be able to make decisions… You’ll question everything you do… You won’t always put your best foot forward… You’ll be too afraid to put yourself out there… Your results and your business will suffer.

How can you prevent that from happening? By following these 3 steps to confidence in business!

1. Stop trying to look the way you’re “supposed to.” It’s hard to be confident in yourself when you’re not being yourself. Stop worrying about your company looking bigger or smaller than you are, using the right corporate lingo, making sure that the appropriate buzzwords are in the right places, etc. Be yourself, let your words flow without worrying who might think you’re too small/big/unprofessional/whatever. When people don’t burn you at the stake for doing it, like we all fear they will, you’ll have a lot more confidence in yourself.

2. Get results quickly. This might sound obvious, but try to get some money flowing as quickly as possible. (more…)


7 Things My Daughter Taught Me About Business

Sunday, May 8th, 2011 by by

Nine short months ago, I was just an entrepreneur. I was one really, really pregnant entrepreneur – but still, not a mom. I had been in business for almost 6 years at that point – surely nothing could change my outlook on business so drastically that I would find myself doing something else entirely within a year.

And then it happened.

I became a mom. And the world, my work, and my life was never the same. In the last nine months, I’ve learned many things about business from my daughter – and I’d like to share them with you…

1. Don’t cry over spilt milk, even if it gets spilled across your keyboard. There are too many variables in life to get upset when something goes differently than you expected. Things change, priorities shift, and people act (and react) in unexpected ways. Get over it, clean up, find a way to make things work and move on.

2. One person can make a difference. I know this because my daughter has already completely changed the world for me, and she can’t even walk yet. Now I’m more involved with changing the world, more passionate about my beliefs, and more willing to take a stand for what I believe in than ever before.

3. Don’t get attached to things, because they don’t matter in the long run. Your impact on the world, the people you connect with, and the family you have – they matter. Your coffee table, your car, your house, even your wedding band – they’re replaceable things. So is paperwork. I’d rather see my daughter’s smiling face as she rips apart and tries to eat a memo than take it away from her to “save paper.” I use recycled paper anyway!

4. You’re going to look different. On the other side of my journey into motherhood, my body looked completely foreign to me – but it turned out to be more powerful than it ever had before. The same holds true for business. Don’t get attached to the way things look, because if you’re doing something that really matters you’re going to look completely different when you come out the other side.

5. Always stand up to poop your pants. (more…)

Growing little business…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 by by

I wish there were more time in a day.
There is so much I would like to accomplish.
And it just doesn’t happen.
One of those has been the frequency of my blogging.

It is for a good reason.
My business, {SIG}nature Creations,
is growing by leaps & bounds.

It takes up all of my “free” time.
Yeah, not much of that w/ triplets.
But I have been able to involve them in the process.
They are my muses & models.

Check out some of the latest things I have created.


Life List – launch my own business

Monday, January 4th, 2010 by by

Remember how I talked about wanting my own business? And how it was meant to be launched by November 1st 2009? Well, believe it or not, I’m about as ready as I’ll ever bet.

Ladies, I present to you:


(you can click on the logo to get to the new site!)

The Baby Room is an online store for fertility products such as pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, and ttc friendly lubricants. Trust me, the irony is not lost on me. I figured since I have spent so much of my own money on fertility products, it was (more…)


Business Launch! Eventually, anyway. (Life List: An update)

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 by by

Remember when I was all brave and courageous and starting a business ? I was so sure that November 1st was going to be launch date, it was all going so well! I have products, logos, a business plan, and a web developer just ready to go as soon as I press ‘start’.

Only, I’ve got a little hiccup.

You see, these products and logos and web developers cost money. And while I could get away with a little bit of credit and some smaller orders for product, and roped my very talented sister-in-law to do the logos, the web developer needs considerably more money than my bank balance allows.

This was ok when it looked like I was going to (more…)