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Thrifty Thursday – Saving on Housekeeping Using Pinterest

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 by by

Are you on Pinterest yet? I won’t go through a lengthy explanation of what it is or how it works, since most people have at least heard of it. Basically, it’s like a virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” cool ideas you find around the web. These ideas can then be shared with followers and users of the site. It’s a great place to go for any kind of inspiration you are looking for.  Warning: It is addictive and a bit voyeuristic, and you get to know a lot more about what all your friends are into. “Wow, Jane loves Star Trek, I never knew.”

Did you know that Pinterest is a great place to find money saving ideas as well as creative inspiration? I am excited to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds that are helping me save money around the house.

Homemade Cleaners – This is a great primer for learning how to make all sorts of household cleaners. I love that they are not only frugal, but a more natural alternative.



Green Tip Tuesday – Holidays are Coming

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 by by

So, this week we’ve been cleaning! Holidays are coming up, and one of my pet peeves is that darn cleaning smell! I hate that chemical smell, and I just hate it when I walk into someones house and smell Clorox or other cleaning products.

We clean with soap and water. My girls are actually cleaning the windows right now with just a damp face towel, and my 7 year old has a bit of soap in it. We clean the floors with a steam mop with warm water and vinegar, which we can add tea tree oil or some lemon for a fresh scent instead of the chemical smell.

So if you need to do some cleaning this week just use soap and water!

And enjoy the upcoming holidays!

Aren’t they good little helpers?

Monday, August 8th, 2011 by by

The boys love to help me around the house. Usually, it’s wiping down stuff with Lysol wipes, scrubbing the toilet (why they like this, I will never know), sweeping, or vacuuming. Quick disclaimer – as nice as it sounds, I still have to go behind and clean up the mess they leave behind with their helping. But whatever, they are trying. Today, they really wanted to help with laundry. They were a big help…


The Negotiator

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 by by

“Tell me about this battle in the living room, Bob.”

“It took me and Coop 75 minutes to build it, and it is very awesome.”

“That part I know. I’m wondering when you are planning to clean it up.”

“When’s the next dinner party?”

“Next month.”

“Definitely by then.”

“I was thinking more like today by dinner time.”

“But I have more battling scheduled for tomorrow morning. How about if I do it by lunchtime tomorrow, and you can help me, and also I could have a peanut butter cup and a light saber fight in the backyard? How does that sound, Mom? Good, right?”


Despite what my mom always said…

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 by by

A neat bed does not make for a neat room.
DSCN0638 copy

Sad part, that’s actually pretty clean for their room.

See, it’s gotten to the point where I refuse to clean up the boys’ room. They’re big enough to do it themselves. They spent all of last Thursday cleaning their room (as they do every Thursday, or they can’t do sleepovers on the weekend), and then since Ryan was grounded Friday, I made him clean it up some more by himself. They both did sleepover last weekend, but they came home a few hours on Saturday while my parents went out somewhere, and in those few hours they destroyed their room again.

Yesterday, I washed their bedding and remade their beds, thinking – hey, even if the room is slightly on the messy side, having neat beds will make it look a little better. Or at least that’s what my mom always told us growing up.

Yeah… It still looks messy.

Day 4 of 60/300

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 by by

The past few days have been spent furiously decluttering and massively cleaning, and the rest of my home has gone quite neglected. Today, I played catch up and folded the 15 loads of laundry (a slight exaggeration but not by much) that had piled up and cleaned the kitchen. I also had to create a cake for the Cub Scout Cake Auction tonight. I decided to do these cupcakes, as I thought they looked cute, and I figured the kids would love them. I was originally going to make 2 boxes, but one box yielded two dozen cupcakes, and I didn’t need to do the second box.

I used colored ice cream cones to make them look cuter.
And then I had to have my product testing team taste them for me. They were well received.


Mommy Q & A – Clean Knees!

Saturday, April 9th, 2011 by by

Hi there mommies! I love how, with Spring in full force (at least it is in Texas), I can dress Eli in the cutest dresses and summer outfits. But what else does it mean? More playtime outside and getting dirty! I am not the one that cleans the drain in the sink, so I also ain’t a fan of cleaning dirty knees! Sammii’s Mommy from El Paso has a question just about that! How do we get them and keep them clean?! Here’s what she says:

Sammii’sMommy :D asks from El Paso, TX

dirty knees lol

My daughter, 14 months old, doesn’t walk on her own yet, so crawling is still her way of getting around thing is her knees get really dirty. I scrub and scrub, but they still look dark – what worked for you? It’s been pretty hot in ep, so most of the time she is only wearing a onesie. We have carpet? Does that make it worse? Any tricks or tips to get her knees cleaner?

There are lots of tips and tricks that you can do to first clean them and then lighten them up. It’s something my grandmother still does today, and I’m sure a lot of other families do to. I love it because it’s also eco-friendly!



Discovery Doesn’t Always Make You Christopher Columbus

Sunday, March 13th, 2011 by by

(Apparently this guy has never been in my kitchen!)

Last night, I felt compelled to continue the organizational roll I was on by rearranging my kitchen cabinets.  Although my husband attempted to excuse himself out of my 40 day challenge (“Good luck with your project” he commented unwisely upon viewing my list), I pulled out the ol’ “happy wife, happy life” adage (along with the evil eye), and next thing you know, he’s sorting through Tupperware!

In our case, it seems that the greatest trash is actually found BEHIND our greatest treasures.  For example:

  • Behind all of our bottles of fancy, good-quality wine, we found not one, not two, but THREE unopened bottles of premixed cocktails a la TGI Fridays circa 2007.  Maybe we were anticipating that we wouldn’t be able to handle family life without 750 ml of ready-to-drink Long Island Iced Tea?  I guess the good news is that we never had to even crack open the twist-off lid.  Although, come to think of it, I can cite more than a dozen occasions that may have been made less painful had I but known that these spirits were lurking in my cabinet.
  • (more…)

Developing a Routine

Monday, February 7th, 2011 by by

I have always struggled to keep a consistent routine. However, since Peanut entered this world, keeping a routine is the one thing that has kept me from losing my sanity some days! Not only does she function better when her days are a bit regulated and predictable, but I function better too. Lately, I’ve been following the FlyLady‘s methods to help me establish basic household routines such as shining my sink and keeping clutter at bay. It’s amazing how much of a difference it has made in my life so far! And since Daddy C is naturally a clean freak, he really enjoys coming home to a relatively clean and maintained home each evening.

I’ve begun the following routines:

  • Morning – Get up, make bed, brush teeth/wash face, get dressed, start breakfast
  • Afternoon – Clear out hot spots, Empty dishwasher (if not done in the AM), one load of laundry
  • Evening – Clear out hot spots, load and run dishwasher, shine sink

These simple steps have become habit for me, and I love how easy it is to keep my home tidy and take care of myself and Peanut in the process. I don’t have to think about what I need to do anymore- I’m on autopilot! In addition to the daily routine, I’ve been working on creating a weekly routine as well. (more…)

More Ways to Clean: Distilled White Vinegar

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 by by

The next cleaning agent that I’m going to look at is white vinegar. White vinegar has antifungal properties, cleans glass without streaking, softens hard water, and is great for attacking offensive odors. Here are some of the ways that I use white vinegar:

Bathroom Cleaner: Because it is antifungal, and a water softener, I use mostly vinegar in my bathroom. I put distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle and use it to tackle the hard water stains in the shower and on faucets. Sometimes the corners of the tub, or around the drains of the sink and tub, develop a reddish color ring. This is a kind of mold. Vinegar not only takes this film away but a spray down once a week keeps it away. It also works well in the toilet.

Cleaning Mirrors: I use the same spray bottle to spray vinegar on my mirrors, and wipe them with a microfiber towel for a streak free shine.

Rinse Aid: White vinegar is a great rinse aid for the dishwasher. It softens hard water, and is streak free on glass. I just add it as I would Jet Dry or another rinse aid, to the well in the dishwasher. (more…)