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Fun and Games

Thursday, July 7th, 2011 by by

We are continuing our round-the-block walks, at least once a week. Aidas and Noah get to walk half of the way around the block while the other 3 enjoy the view from the wagon. Then, when we get to the tennis courts, we know it’s time to switch. Noah and Aidas get into the wagon, and Lucas, Maya and B. get a chance to walk. They’re all really good about holding hands and staying safe. We have been working on what to do when you get to a driveway. The kids are getting pretty good at the drill. We stop, look both ways for cars, and walk quickly across if it’s clear. It is helpful, teaching-wise, that sometimes there is a car coming into or out of the driveway, so that the kids can see why we need to check.

Some days, we go straight out back with the Spider Man backpack of toys. The kids are becoming more interested in the skipping rope. They enjoy turning the rope. Because they are beginners, I’m encouraging them to jump over the rope when it is still or moving (Snakesies) on the ground. (more…)



Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 by by
The nice weather has given us many options for outdoor play. Sometimes, we bring some toys from the apartment out back. We nearly take up the entire elevator, which may or may not irk other tenants. The kids know how to quickly win them over though, with a cute “Hi!” or “We going play outside!” The twins need to have sunglasses on, at least for the initial transition to the outdoors on a sunny day, since their eyes are a little sensitive to the changes in light. (You can see their irritation in the photo above).
The kids have been off-roading with the little red car. I had imagined they would ride it back and forth down the walkway, since it would ride easier that way. Silly me. I forget that they have an amazingly high level of energy and would rather struggle through the grass. Then, at some point, B. discovered the joy of riding it down the hill, his feet raised (lest they slow him down). The others all had a turn with this new found activity. But on B.’s next turn, he raised the bar even higher and created a new extreme sport: riding the red car down the hill backwards. Unfortunately for him, he only got to try it once before he was redirected!


Things to Do with Toddlers: The Discovery Walk (and other Daycare News)

Sunday, May 29th, 2011 by by

We have a new activity that the kids really enjoy: the walk around the block. I remember trying this with them last fall, when I had at least two of them walking and holding hands. They weren’t ready. Now that all of them are around 2 and a half (give or take a month), they happily and safely walk around the block (with direction, of course!).
Well, three of them walk. These two monkeys prefer the luxury (and extra room) of the wagon. But this isn’t because I don’t think it’s safe for them to be walking. Maya and Lucas are actually old pros at walking quickly and safely, always listening to direction. It is more of a preference thing. They like the wagon, and the other three like to walk.

We see lots of exciting things on our walks around the block: squirrels, flowers, lawn mowers, whipper snippers, subway station, buses, a mailbox, sprinklers, signs with ABC’s on them, and other daycare groups going for walks. (more…)

Here Comes the Sun

Friday, May 20th, 2011 by by

It really was a long cold winter. It finally feels more like spring around here. The children and I have been thoroughly enjoying the weather. No more snow pants. No more mittens. It’s bliss.

One day, we were lucky enough to catch the garbage truck emptying the bins at the apartment building. B. probably gets the most excited out of all five of them. He jumps up and down saying “Boom!” and anticipating the truck’s actions.

These three have front row seats! All hail the garbage truck.

I am absolutely thrilled that we are able to play on the grass now without worrying about stepping in dog poop. (more…)


We’re both starting school!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 by by

Tuesday 10th May is going to be a very big day for us… it’s the day Emersyn begins at daycare!  Over here we refer to all daycare as preschool, so if I use the term preschool, that is why.  I’ve decided that I too am going to start school, this coming July – to complete my BA, after what feels like 1000 years… I’m going to major in library studies, so I can get a good paying library job when I graduate.  I was going to start in February, but missed the enrolment cut off – and I’m glad I did now, because I know there is no way I could have studied during the aftermath of the earthquake.

I thought it’d be a good idea to get Emersyn transitioned into preschool/daycare long before I started, so I could make sure that she was going to be okay there – and if it turns out she’s not ready for preschool, I could try to make some alternative arrangements, before school starts.  We went in last Wednesday & spent half an hour there, and she seemed quite interested in what was going on around her – I have a feeling she’ll be just fine.  Gaby started at 13 months & she adapted within the first day, and I am hoping for a similar response from Emersyn, although I know it will probably take longer with her, being that bit younger.  (more…)

News from the Twos

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 by by

The kids enjoyed gluing foam dinosaurs and ABC’s last week. We tried using white glue and large Popsicle sticks (to dab the glue onto the paper) this time, instead of glue sticks. It was a lot easier for them.

They Come in Colours Everywhere

Thursday, February 10th, 2011 by by

We did the colour gluing activity again last week; this time using cut-outs with the colour red. The kids are starting to get the hang of how to use a glue stick. We have hung the red and yellow collages in the dining room and often refer to them during meals or snack time.

We also did some colour sorting with the coloured bowls and vehicles. For the first 2 minutes, I kept hold of the vehicles, giving them one at a time. I showed them how to match the colour to the bowls. However, they were so excited to get their hands on the vehicles and play ‘in their own way’, that I quickly felt guilty for withholding them and handed them over. They really love just filling the bowls and emptying the bowls, or pouring the vehicles from one bowl into another. (more…)


Learning About Colours, Playing Dress-Up, and Other Daycare Updates

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 by by

Although Torontonians have been experiencing frigid temperatures recently, the kids never complain about going outside. In fact, a few of them complain when I declare that it is time to go back inside! They also enjoy trying on each others’ boots when we are inside the apartment. Above, M. sports Noah’s winter boots, and is about to try on his mittens too! It’s great to see them practise these self-help skills.

Even though I have to work quickly and methodically to get the kids’ snowsuits on, it still can’t be easy for them to wait even a few minutes with half their gear on, inside. They really are very patient, and used to the routine by now. I had to get a couple of shots of the live entertainment going on in the hallway as I got them ready (thereby delaying them just a few seconds longer). (more…)

Home Daycare Kids Return!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011 by by

I had been on holidays for nearly two weeks before this past Monday. It was fantastic to spend family time with Noah over the holidays; I was able to give him more of my undivided attention. Sometimes, as a home daycare provider, I have wondered if the fact that I am sharing my attention with 4 other children might be unfair to Noah. But, by the end of the holidays, I realized that the home daycare situation is really more beneficial to him than having me all to himself. The group of kids I have is small enough that everyone’s needs get met, and I am able to give attention to all of them. Yet, it is a big enough group that demands are sometimes not instantly met. Toys, attention, discipline, choices, and praise are shared. I believe that the home daycare is helping Noah (and all of the children) to take turns, be more patient, empathize, share, and of course, socialize.

But I digress. Let’s get back to business! The other children returned this week, and it was as smooth as if there had been no break at all. Over the holidays, 3 of the children turned 2 years old, so now they are all 2. (more…)

Fall Fun!

Saturday, October 9th, 2010 by by

It was, as usual, a busy week at the home daycare. Earlier in the week, we visited Lithuania Park. This picnic table on the playground now signifies snack time for Noah. The kids enjoyed their graham crackers and water in their little clubhouse. We had brought some toys to the playground and enjoyed rolling the trucks and balls down the slide. Then, some of our friends from the drop-in centers arrived at the park and joined us in the fun.