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Christmas Craft: Candy Cane Tree Decorations

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 by by


  • red and white pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  1. Hold a red pipe cleaner and a white pipe cleaner side-by-side, to make sure that the ends of both are level.
  2. Wind one pipe cleaner around the other until you get to the ends. If there is still some left of one of the pipe cleaners, cut it off to make the tops level.
  3. Cut the entire pipe cleaner spiral in half to make 2 smaller candy canes.
  4. Bend each spiral near the top until you get the shape of a candy cane.
  5. Hang them on the tree.
*This just might be the easiest craft I have ever written about! Just be careful with the little ones, since pipe cleaners are sharp on the ends. The 3-year-olds could follow the instruction of holding it by the middle and not touching the ends, but we agreed to place them high on our tree and keep them there for the safety of our 1-year-old.

Nana’s Snowmen

Monday, December 20th, 2010 by by

I have these little snow men that were my Nana’s, and since I have all of her things, I found them when I went through the garage. I’ve had them on my entertainment center, but I decided to stick them in their home… Yep, their home, the lovely North Idaho snow of course! :D

One thing that prompted me to take this picture is that my friend Trish is having a photo contest on her blog. I know this photo isn’t too fun or exciting, but having my Nana’s snowmen, and having a picture of them, makes me feel a little better as we get ready to celebrate Christmas. This is the 2nd Christmas without Nana, and it’s getting harder as it gets closer. I’m glad I have these snowmen.

The contest on Tutus & Sneakers is for a $20 GC to My Four Hens Photography. I love taking pictures but sometimes get frustrated getting good and neat edits. I love the look of the My Four Hens actions; they would be awesome to have when we do my brother’s Senior pictures this spring/summer.