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The Tooth Fairytale

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 by by

Once I had a girl who broke her tooth.  So, off to the dentist we went to get it fixed.  My expectations for her cooperation were very low after she bit the dentist’s “barbie mirror” during our first visit.  She showed signs of feeling nervous when the dentist came to get started on her tooth.  We discussed the possibility that she just may have to keep her sharp front tooth so we didn’t traumatize her too much.  Then out came the “pilot mask,” AKA strawberry scented laughing gas, AKA toddler tamer, AKA the protagonist of this story.  She instantly became solely concentrated on taking the deepest breaths she could, followed by an “Ah!” (Think the sound you make after you drink a nice refreshing soda.)  She proclaimed over and over, “I like that ‘mell!”  Within a few minutes, the whole thing was done, she was happy as could be with a little plastic frog in each hand, and home we went with a brand new tooth!  Thank goodness for laughing gas!  If only I had some on hand at home… it would be a whole new world!

….and they all lived happily ever after…..




Baby Sharp Tooth

Sunday, July 24th, 2011 by by

I’d like to introduce you to my baby sharp tooth.  She went for her first visit to the dentist a few days ago.  Her very sweet dentist made fast friends with her and even got permission to take a look at her “pretty princess teeth” with her “neat barbie mirror.”  All went well until the mirror got close to her face, and she freaked out and tried to sink her vampire tooth into it.  So, on August 3rd, when it’s time to put a composite filling on her tooth, she will go into the “quiet room” to wear the “caterpillar blanket.”  Basically, she’ll be in a heavily insulated room where no one will hear her scream in a straight jacket as they fix her broken tooth.  I’ll be right there by her side reminding her of all the ice cream she gets when it’s all over.  I could handle the broken bottom tooth, but Team Vanity wins this time, and her straw compartment is only sticking around for another 10 days or so.


Putting the Childhood Dental PTSD Behind Me

Monday, August 24th, 2009 by by

I remember my early childhood dental visits as if they were only yesterday…the dentists name was Dr. Karet (I think that’s how it was spelled) and it was pronounced like the vegetable so as I child I heard the following “Dr. Carrot”. Dr Carrots office smelled like alcohol and old man and it had that 1970’s polyester style wall paper plastered over its walls. Everything about the dental office screamed at me as a kid that I needed to run in the opposite direction and I tried, I swear I tried. I fought tooth and nail with the dentist and his assistant and they fought back, HARD…I wriggled, screamed, shook that chair but they proceeded to try and hold me down to get the dental procedure done and I vowed that I would not go back there……..ever. Lucky for me my mother found a new dentist, a child friendly dentist, called a pediatric dentist….and I went to him and somehow got over my fear, until that dreaded day when I was in his office at 21 years old and he said the words I knew would one day come, but still they were shocking as ever….”Melissa, you need to find a new dentist….you’re not a child anymore, we can no longer carry you as a patient here.” Crap.

I spent the next couple of years in a sort of dental limbo and (more…)