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Monday: Diaper Rash Relief

Monday, August 13th, 2012 by by

Diaper rash is, in some ways, inevitable with small babies since they always have their diapers on their precious little bums. Usually, a little bit of diaper rash cream will go a long way, but sometimes, even Desitin seems insufficient. If you’ve seen a bad diaper rash, you’ll know what I mean. Bleeding, red, sore skin that hurts your baby to even touch it. I guess diaper rash is on my mind, as my daughter just recovered from a bad one and these are some of my few tried-and-true tips and remedies.

*When changing your baby’s diaper, it can be helpful to rinse their bum off in the skin or shower, using a sprayer with warm water, rather than a wet wipe or sponge, which can further irritate their skin.

*Baking Soda Bath. In a small bath, dump 1/4- 1/2 box of baking soda into warm water and allow your baby to sit/lie in the water for as long as possible.

*Naked Bum Time. (more…)