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Why don’t you just quit mommy?

Monday, January 26th, 2009 by by

The other day after hearing me complain about struggling to keep up with my school work and everything else and how tired I was, my daughter asked me why don’t I just quit?  I was sitting there asking myself the same thing as I tried to answer her.

When she first approached the subject with me, my initial response was to explain the difference in how much money someone working at a fast food restaurant makes with how much money someone with a college degree makes.  This was a simple answer that both my older kids seemed to get.  When I asked them if they would rather make $7 an hour or $20 an hour, what do you think they said?  So, sure this answered the question for them in a way, but it didn’t really send the message that I wanted.  I didn’t want them to see going to college as just something people do to make more money, even though that is probably the truth for some people.

Getting a college education was never something that was stressed to me growing up so it was important to me that I got this right.  I want my kids to understand the value of having an education and the bigger reasons why mommy wants to have a college education.

While I have always appreciate the success stories my dad told me (more…)