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Happiness and Seesters

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 by by

Why is it that the people that drive you the craziest are the ones you love the most? My sister and I are, for the most part, polar opposites. We were always pretty close growing up, but we fought like cats and dogs. She screamed her head off if I even set foot in her room, and I… well, let’s just say that on occasion I gave her reason to do so. Sometimes, when I watch the Kardashian shows, I think we’re a lot like them – only Robyn and I are pale, much less annoying and/or rich and, oh, I have no butt. Ha! What I mean is, we totally bicker and fight all the time. Of course, we also make up like ten minutes later.

Usually, I only get to see my little sister about twice a year. Three times if I’m lucky. She lives a good 9 hours away, and between every one’s work and school schedules, it isn’t always easy to plan around each other. Add a toddler and two step-kids into the mix, and the chances of me actually visiting her have basically become non-existent. Would you believe that the hubs and I have been together for six years, and he’s never once been over to her neck of the woods? And me? I’ve only been there once during all of this time, and only because I hitched a ride with my Mom. Pathetic, I know.

Family has always been incredibly important to me, and yet I have let all of this time slip away. The distance between us sucks, and it’s up to us not to let the physical distance become emotional as well. She has, year after year, done her part. I have always told myself that it’s just easier for her to make the trips back and forth.  And to an extent, it is. But it’s just not a good enough excuse, and I’ve always known it. Each year, I have promised to visit her and then subsequently broken that promise.

This year, however, will be different. I was originally planning a little weekend trip to Savannah for my birthday. That, however, has been scrapped in favor of taking the hubs and the H-monster to VA to see my sister and brother-in-law. I absolutely cannot wait. The drive is going to suck, yes. But the fun we’ll have while there will be absolutely, positively worth it!
Two months to go, Robyn!


Day 24

Sunday, September 26th, 2010 by by

Today, our school had a visitor in the form of an almost-four-year-old boy cousin. (Admit it – you thought it’d be something four-legged and furry!) My sister’s son came over to spend the day, and we forged on ahead through our school lessons. This little boy is only four months older than Coral, age 3 and 7/12, so they have a lot in common, like excitement over sharing favorite toys. Eagerness to clean up their messes. The urge to sit quietly.

They got along sweetly outside.

Until they didn’t. (more…)

A tribute to Cora, from Aunt Adi

Monday, May 17th, 2010 by by

Dearest Cora,
I may not be your mom, but I miss you just the same.

I may not have carried you, but I still feel the pain.

I never got to feel you kick, but I still shed the tears. (more…)

A Balancing Act

Sunday, February 28th, 2010 by by

There’s an old Dr. Suess book that we really enjoy using as a learning/counseling tool with our youth at work called Oh The Places You’ll Go and I lately I’ve been reminded of one quote in particular:  “So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act. Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right foot with your left.” I am now entering my fourth week back in the game as a working mommy (more…)


Kickin’ the definition of family to the curb

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 by by

Two years ago this month, after a particularly fantastic day with our nieces during a holiday in Florida, David and I made the crazy decision to ‘try for a family’. It was hardly as clinical as that, and certainly not done with a rational conversation. It was, more,….ahem…in the heat of things, so to speak, that we took the, er, plunge.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we hadn’t been drinking copious amounts and weren’t thinking that a baby would be a laugh. No, in the cold (actually warm, is was Florida after all) light of day we got excited at the thought. Giddy with the possibility of having our own kid to play with, swim with, who would be a cousin to our nieces. I took my nieces on walks and couldn’t help but daydream about doing the same with my own little girl (or boy, either would be just great).

Back home, the fun continued. We were relaxed, easy going about it all. And then I turned 34, which felt way to close to 35. And a couple of months later I asked our doctor about fertility tests. And then 6 months after that David agreed to testing too. And just at the point that laparoscopy was mentioned, I was pregnant.

Whaddayaknow, here we are now at 2 years and there is no baby to (more…)

Family Time

Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by by

Every now and again I get a little “Leave it to Beaver” and force my family into public in hopes that our Norman Rockwellian presence allows everyone to understand the warm and special bond that is the large family.  What good is having so many of God’s blessings if you can’t take them out and show them off a little?

My husband is not of the same mind as me.  He thinks our kids should remain in lockdown for approximately the next 18 years and that we should only go out in public if we have secured the expensive care of a qualified sitter.   Of course this motivates me even more to choreograph occasions where we can go out as a family and I can prove him wrong, wrong, wrong.

“Look!  Family Night for Little League is Tuesday.  Why don’t we all go?”  I said with the same enthusiasm I’d muster for a lottery win.

“Are you nuts?” retorted my husband.

“Great!  We’ll leave at 6:45.” I confirmed.

After forcing our 4 children to condense their typical dinner time bellyaching/shenanigans/how many more bites routine into a 15 minute segment, we loaded into the car and hauled them into a steaming high school auditorium packed with a hundred other Little Leaguers and their families.  We had K confined to his stroller but in a critical lapse of judgment, my husband took leave of his senses and freed him from his restraints.  K instantly contorted his body like a Cirqe de Soleil performer and howled against my husband’s struggle to keep him lapbound, thereby interrupting the Little League director’s  5 minute schpiel about metal bats and a reminder to buy a discounted hoodie or a rain poncho before leaving.

Just as the vein in my husband’s temple began to pulse, we were released from the meeting (more…)