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Fluffy Mail! 7-11-09

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 by by

I had very special fluffy mail yesterday!  It was originally sent to my address in NY, but my lovely husband sent it to me in NC so that I could begin my prepping and testing.  In my special package was 1 Kissaluv Marvel Fitted and 1 Booroi Trial package.
Kissaluvs Marvel on the left, Booroi cover and accessories on the right

Kissaluvs Marvel on the left, Booroi cover and accessories on the right

The Kissaluvs Marvel is a fitted, with serged edges and (more…)


Fluffy Mail- June 29- Monday

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 by by
The carnage of Fluffy Mail excitement.  The carnage of Fluffy Mail excitement.

Today my mailbox was stuffed!  I got two diapers:  a GAD (Green Acre Designs) in meadow lime with (more…)

Fluffy Mail!!! Prefolds for me!

Friday, June 5th, 2009 by by

While I was on vacation I had USPS hold my mail.  This meant on the day of my return I would find a mailbox stuffed with glorious fluff!  This edition of fluffy mail features prefolds!  I purchased these from FSOT from another mom on Justmommies.  I got 2 Organic Bamboo Velour snappable prefolds, and one embellished OBV prefold with giraffes.  This one is extra cool since I just got to feed a giraffe while in Tampa.  If you have never felt OBV then you don’t know what you are missing.  It is sooo soft.

For your viewing pleasure, here is my son modeling the giraffe prefold.  He is also wearing his new amber teething necklace.  I am pleased to be partnering with Inspired by Finn for an upcoming giveaway for a teething necklace.  Check back soon!



Fluffy Mail!!! 5-18

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 by by

Today my mailman brought this adorable diaper!
TK Cuddler Cubbies

TK Cuddler Cubbies

I bought it used from cloth diapering forum where they have a “For Sale or Trade” subforum. I paid 13.00 which included the shipping. The diaper itself is actually made by a mom who is on the cloth diaper forum. The brand is TK Cuddlers and they are some of the cutest diapers I have ever seen. I already have one of her diapers which I ordered custom. This one is a size Medium and is a pocket diaper.

Fletcher looks adorable in it. I love how (more…)


Fluffy Mail! May 12.

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 by by

I consider this Fluffy Mail.  I sent five of my Bum Genius 3.0 One Size  Pockets to be converted to snaps by a mom I know.  I chose the ones that the aplix was most raggedy on.  My son is modeling a converted moonbeam, and the other ones are just laid out to show the pretty snaps.  I love em!  I hope to get the rest converted soon.


Fluffy Mail!!!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

This is my first installment of Fluffy Mail!  Basically, everytime I get a new diaper- Fluffy Mail- I will post pictures of my adorable son modeling his new fluff.

First, a Piddle Poddles AI2.


Next, a Goodmama fitted- Pollock.