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Friday Five: The Changes of Springtime

Friday, March 30th, 2012 by by


Our awesomely sunny week of 80+ degree temperatures has come to a dreary end.  It is gray and rainy and cooler…but still humid??  Basically it’s all of my least favorite weather combined into one icky day!

1) This Wednesday we drove out to visit my mom again.  My dad was substitute teaching so we missed seeing him.  I really wish I could convince my parents to move closer to us.  With no close friends around during the day, it was kind of nice to have my mom to pal around with instead.  So much in my old neighborhood has changed, but at the same time, so much has remained the same.

This is my old high school:

And this is the house where I grew up: (more…)


Friday Five: Wax On

Friday, May 20th, 2011 by by

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here are 5 things for the day.

1)  The 5th graders at our kids’ school do a wax museum every year.  They each pick a famous person to research, and then they have several assignments to complete.  The culmination of the project is this wax museum where the students display posters and dress up like their person.  They stand perfectly posed until visitors push a button that then “activates” them.  The child gives a 30 second speech in character.  Weston’s person of choice was Robert Ripley, the creator of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.   This is one of the times where Weston’s quirkiness really pays off, because when it comes to projects, he always picks subjects that are slightly off the beaten path and therefore (to me, anyway) a bit more interesting.

Kellan, Rissa, and I went to check out the scene this afternoon when the museum opened.  The other grades were viewing the museum, so when I arrived, Eliza’s class had just walked in.  Nothing takes the wind out of your sails faster than when your little sister hangs around your display with all of her super pesky friends and messes with your mojo.  Weston was trying to stay in character and hiss insults at her at the same time.  Good thing I was there, otherwise there would have been a wax museum meltdown.

“Believe it or not, my sister is really annoying.” (more…)

Friday Five: The "Everyone’s Been Sick and I Have Nothing To Say" Edition

Friday, March 11th, 2011 by by

It’s been a looong week, folks – made longer by the fact that Weston and my husband spent most of it fighting a killer combination of cough and fever.  Forget what they say about girls being melodramatic, boys easily take the Oscar for “Best performance during illness”.  I could literally sever an artery and still make dinner.  The men in this family struggle through adversity of health by laying on the couch and moaning – while STILL having the energy to proclaim how devastating their symptoms are.  Oh brother.  As a result, this week has pretty much been a blur for me.  I would pin my hopes on next week stepping it up a bit, but Rob’s surgery has been rescheduled for Tuesday, so……………………

1)  Weston had his hopes pinned on going out to dinner for his birthday, but since my husband was little more than a limp corpse-like object only vaguely resembling a human being, I convinced Weston that we’d get carry out and celebrate at home.  Plus, I threw in ice cream pie to sweeten the deal.  When we got to the candle-blowing part of the ceremony, I was close enough to Weston to realize that he was attempting to blow out the candles through his NOSE.

My wish is for everyone in my family to become ill!

2)  Kellan received a hand-me-down robe yesterday, which he has not taken off since.  This is my Jr. Hugh Hefner’s current outfit of choice: (more…)

Friday Five

Friday, October 29th, 2010 by by

Another Friday is here already and October is quickly coming to an end.  This month has been a blur of soccer games and baseball games and beautiful 75 degree days.  This week the weather has started to get edgy and cold, reminding us that Halloween is just over a week away and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Honestly, I’m hoping that November – February go by as quickly as October did.  I’m not a big fan of the holidays, or cold weather for that matter.  In my heart I am a 72 year old retiree who should be heading to Boca for the winter.

1)  The two little ones have been sick for days – weeks, maybe.  Larissa’s ear tubes have been treating us to a steady stream of sticky ick and the kids’ dueling coughs have ensured that no one gets a good night sleep around here.  Because of that, it’s been a slow, stay-at-home kind of week.  Which I like – and hate. The pleasure of not HAVING to be somewhere is liberating, but the inevitable “lived-in” look of the house that results from self-imposed exile is the depressing by-product.  Plus….after a while it gets pretty boring.  (see #2)

2)  Kellan and Larissa are chronic sufferers of “Me Too” syndrome – an affliction affecting many younger siblings.  Eliza’s 3rd grade teacher has mandated the playing of board games as homework, so she and the big boys have been indulging in nightly screaming matches gameplay.  Kellan and Larissa are banned from (more…)


Five Friday Favorites

Friday, May 21st, 2010 by by

Five of my favorite things, in no particular order:

1. My favorite soda:

2. My favorite lens for my camera: