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Busy little worker bees

Sunday, June 5th, 2011 by by

A few weeks ago, me and the kids planted flowers is small pots, and we monitored and tracked their progress.  Melanie’s were the first to shoot up through the soil, and she was elated.  David’s followed a day or 2 later, and Joey’s straggled behind until we almost gave up on them.  But Joey, in true Joey fashion, kept pushing. “Mommy, just one more time, ok?  Another day!”  Finally, we saw his pushing up, up, up.  Well, it came time to transplant them to bigger pots, as our flower garden area is no where near ready.  Mom’s been lazy and not weeded it yet.  We transferred them, and I worried they would die… The kids were a bit rough on them, but it was their project.

And they did survive.  So now mom has to get the garden weeded so we can put planting soil in and plant our flowers in the ground.  Well, guess that means I got 3 little worker bees who can help out!  So we try to spend 30 minutes or more each day weeding our little garden area.  What hard workers I have… When they aren’t throwing weeds with roots, dirt and all, at each other and me!

However, weeding our little garden came to a small break this week.  Gramma had to have surgery and needs the help of the Queen Bee and her little worker bees.  We arrived yesterday in full force, ready to jump in and help.  Dinner was served, kids gave free cuddles and made gramma smile, and we camped out for the night to help where we can.  Poor gramma is a bit sore still!  And what busy little helpers they have been!  Joey gives cuddles and likes to carry things to gramma and auntie, Melanie reads books and tries to be a little nurse, and David helps out but is more interested in flirting with the neighbor girl.  Yes, my little David has a HUGE crush on the neighbor’s little girl.

They have helped me clean grammas house and have helped bring smiles.  My little worker bees are so good at handling it all!  They just LOVE to help out, and I am SO proud of all their help!  I’m thinking when all is said and done, we’ll have an ice cream party!


Nana’s Snowmen

Monday, December 20th, 2010 by by

I have these little snow men that were my Nana’s, and since I have all of her things, I found them when I went through the garage. I’ve had them on my entertainment center, but I decided to stick them in their home… Yep, their home, the lovely North Idaho snow of course! :D

One thing that prompted me to take this picture is that my friend Trish is having a photo contest on her blog. I know this photo isn’t too fun or exciting, but having my Nana’s snowmen, and having a picture of them, makes me feel a little better as we get ready to celebrate Christmas. This is the 2nd Christmas without Nana, and it’s getting harder as it gets closer. I’m glad I have these snowmen.

The contest on Tutus & Sneakers is for a $20 GC to My Four Hens Photography. I love taking pictures but sometimes get frustrated getting good and neat edits. I love the look of the My Four Hens actions; they would be awesome to have when we do my brother’s Senior pictures this spring/summer.

Curve balls

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 by by

I should be used to them by now. My life has always been filled with interesting and unexpected things popping up. I don’t know why I am surprised – ever. Some of you already know my latest news, but I have been having trouble coming up with a way to put it in words here on my blog, hence the reason there has been no post from me since last week.

be (more…)