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Saturday Six: The Non-Grinch List

Saturday, November 26th, 2011 by by

Lest you think my heart has grown two sizes too small, here’s a happier list of things I DO like this time of year.

1)  Holiday Cards

Christmas Cards are like reading People Magazine articles about people you actually know.

Call me crazy, but I actually LOVE getting holiday cards.  I love seeing how people’s families have grown, and I like hearing about everyone’s year. (Even if the pictures are all taken in matching outfits during a once in a lifetime vacation to someplace out-of-this-world, right before their 4-year old was accepted to Yale and right after their cat died of feline leukemia.)  Plus, who doesn’t like getting mail?

2)  Holiday Baking

Sprinkles = joy! (more…)


Holiday Panic

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 by by

Guys, there are EIGHT DAYS TO CHRISTMAS.  EIGHT DAYS!!!!  When the school bus drops my moppets off this afternoon, I have two weeks of pure torture family fun to look forward to.  In the meantime….ACK!  I’m not ready for any of it.  My front room looks like the inside of a FedEx warehouse, there are so many boxes.  I don’t have a single gift wrapped, and heck, there are some gifts I still need to buy!  It’s pretty easy to sneak a few things in around the babies (who, by the way, are approaching 4 & 2 so I suppose I should stop calling them that), but once the big kids are home – forget it.  I brought in some bags from Walmart the other day and spaced on the fact that there were a couple of random gifts in them.  Of course, the next thing I know, I hear, “Yay! Shrek 3!” and “Who is this Yahtzee Jr. for??”  UGH.  I’ve resorted to stashing bags and packages into whatever random corner where I think the kids won’t poke around. (Perhaps I should have considered the vegetable drawer in the fridge or the toothbrush cup…they never touch those!!)  I know that I’ll be like a frantic squirrel on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to remember where I hid all my loot.  Please tell me that I’m not the only one who isn’t ready.  And if you are, please lie about it.

Here are my random 5 things for today:

1)  I literally woke up early this morning preoccupied with what what I’m going to wear to my husband’s company dinner tonight.  Is there a pill for fashion anxiety?

2)  This is what decorating for the holidays looks like at my house:

Oh the indignity!


Tis the season for holiday cards!

Friday, December 10th, 2010 by by

The Holidays are approaching much to quickly and one of my favorite parts of the holidays are all the cards I get from family and friends. This year I can’t wait to send my own since little bird is here to share in the holiday cheer.

One of my favorite places to get cards is and the best part is they have great prices and quality. They also have great service and amazing products such as their unique birthday cards and personalized calendars. It is so nice to customize the calendar with photos that the recipient will love like below:

Have you picked out your holiday cards yet? What will your cards look like? (more…)

Holidays Past and Future

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 by by

My poor, neglected blog. Somewhere, my creativity just fizzled, and while a few things have occurred to me to write, none of them have come to fruition.

Our Fourth! The Fourth of July is not a huge holiday for me, perhaps because it is so new, perhaps because the idea of non-professional fireworks scares the pants off me. I’ve come to accept it, and will enjoy it (from a safe distance), but the first time I saw the tents go up and found out that people down here could buy and set off fireworks by themselves I was aghast.

I’m a wimp.

This Fourth was a larger one than usual for us. It meant the welcoming and meeting of our friends’ brand new baby, just 5 days old, and Danny’s first July with hearing. Last year on the Fourth I sat in the back yard simultaneously trying to watch Danny for reactions and trying not to, because I knew I wouldn’t like what I saw. It was a hectic, emotionally packed process, not without (more…)