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A dino hunting we will go.

Monday, February 28th, 2011 by by

This week in Zach’s class, they’ve been studying dinosaurs. To end this special dino-filled week, the class is having the Great Dinosaur Extravaganza. (Seriously – nothing is funnier than hearing a bunch of snaggle tooth first graders trying to say “extravaganza.” lol) Tuesday, his teacher sent home a sheet about this extravaganza. The students were to bring in dinosaur related books, posters, toys, etc, PLUS they were supposed to do one of the following to bring in on Friday:

  • draw or color a dinosaur picture
  • make a dinosaur diorama
  • make a dinosaur fact poster
  • make a dinosaur fact book

I’m going to say it’s very safe to assume that most kids will probably bring in a dinosaur picture they colored that their parents either printed or got out of a coloring book. But did my son want to take that easy route? No. It’s not like we live with dino-obsessed Ryan, so we have literally twenty dinosaur coloring books. It would just be much too easy for him to find a page in one of the coloring books to color. Oh no no no. He wanted to created a fact book AND a diorama. After it taking him almost all of the time we had during the week for him to gather the information for his fact book alone, I managed to talk him out of the diorama also.

What we did with the fact book was both of us sat down Tuesday and thought about what we wanted to put in the fact book and how we wanted it to look. We worked on how he wanted to phrase the questions, how he wanted the pages set up, and then I showed him around the websites he would find his answers on. Wednesday, I gave Zach a piece of paper with his questions, opened the websites, and told him to find the answers. (I had to help him some, but really only on big stupid words that the letters don’t say the sounds that they’re supposed to.) Then, we got together the dinosaur images we wanted to use. After he went to bed, I opened Photoshop and started putting the pages together. (more…)


Sink or swim, or more coddling?

Saturday, September 18th, 2010 by by

Will is in 6th grade this year. It’s middle school, and as it goes with middle school, there has been less coddling this year by his teachers. Granted, they have been cutting all of the kids some slack since this is only week 3 of school (with lots of days off already thrown in the mix). But it’s at this time in his school career that I think he needs to get it together or suffer whatever consequences the teachers/school impose. He’s already not bringing home his homework or saying that he has none when he does (love that homework hotline!) and going to class unprepared. He’s lost his agenda book and had it replaced (graciously) by the school, and several times he has left it at home or in his locker when he needed it in class. Actually, he’s not even writing in the agenda book, so I’m not sure what good it will do.

I told him yesterday that he is required to bring his agenda book home every day and have something written for homework on each spot for each class. If he has no homework, he is to write “no homework” and then have his teacher initial it so that I know he’s telling the truth. He “forgot” to take his agenda book to school, even though I ask him every morning if he has all his stuff for school. Part of me feels like he’s not ready for “sink or swim,” but the other part of me thinks if we keep coddling him, he’ll never learn to be responsible for his school work and eventually for himself later in life. I know that part of his problem is that homework was never a big priority when he lived with his mom, and I think she generally believed him when he said he had none, even when he probably did.

So that’s where we are. Do we continue to coddle him about his school work and homework, or is it time for some tough love and let him sink or swim?