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Going MIA

Friday, March 18th, 2011 by by

I’ll be MIA for about a week. We signed for the keys to the new house Tuesday, and our internet will be turned on at the new house “Sometime” on Thursday. >.< Time Warner only had a full day appointment available, so we have to sit around all day. (Luckily, my brother is staying with us since we have lots of appts. on Thursdays). I think I’ll have a nice update blog post next week with pictures of the new house too :D



Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by by

Around this time of the month I am prone to a (CRAZY) focus on getting my house just the way I want it.
This month is no different.
Part of the drive is because I think there is an unknown psychic connection between being a ‘grown-up’ and having a room to put another (tiny) person and actually having a tiny person to put in the room.
Part of it is that we’re thinking of selling, and I want to get top dollar for our place (who doesn’t!). (Stop laughing, I KNOW what the economy is like). (No, seriously, stop laughing).
And part of it, is, well people like Puck have nice houses like this and (more…)