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Snowed In Fun: Indoor Snowball Fight

Monday, January 16th, 2012 by by

Jonah has been asking since October to have a snowball fight. He wants to go sledding, build a snowman, go ice skating, and above all: have a snowball fight.

The problem is, we haven’t had much snow this year. In November, we were able to go outside and enjoy a light dusting; other than that, the only snow we have gotten has been in conjunction with temperatures in the teens. It is followed by warm weather which immediately reduces the beautiful snow into muddy slushy sludge.

So now that the snow is falling heavily outside of our window, and little voices are asking to go out, what do I do considering that it is 18 degrees F?

We have a snowball fight, of course! One that requires no gloves or bulky coats that restrict movement, and it provides gross motor opportunities as well as tactile sensory integration!

Over the summer, I picked up some shower loofahs at the dollar store, 4 for $1. I bought twelve of them specifically for this activity, so I made sure that they were at least partially white (they had no all-white loofahs).

I did not show the loofahs to the kids, but instead, played up the idea that we are going to have a “snowball fight.” I asked them if they wanted to have a snowball fight INside, because it was too cold to go OUTside. Of course, the idea thrilled them. I brought them up to our play area, which is a nice spacious area with very little that can be knocked over or broken. If you do this in your living room, please remove any lamps, knick knacks, or pictures that could be broken.

I dumped the bag of “snowballs” onto the floor. The kids stared at me. (more…)


Too Hot

Friday, June 17th, 2011 by by

It really is. Even in the morning. We are talking about 80+ degrees at 6:30am. Doesn’t leave much time to go out & play before we hit the century mark.So what do we do to fill up the day?

We play with dry erase markers, as evidenced by all the marks. We also play with play dough. I know some parents out there are wincing, but we got it down pat. We have rules, and if they can’t follow the rules, they can’t have the good stuff, because you know it’s like a drug around here. Once they get it, they must have it.

Our rules? Stay at the table.That’s the only one. If they get up from the table, their dough disappears magically. They know not to push us. Oh, & the other thing we have going for us. NO CARPET. None. Zero. Like not even a throw rug.When you have triplets, no carpets make life easier. Especially in the earlier days, when they were spitting up constantly. Gotta thank the hubs for this one.

We don’t do it every day. If we did, it wouldn’t be as much fun. And I don’t care if they mix the colors. Kids will be kids. Who am I to argue about colors? We have bigger battles to win, haha!