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7 Tips for Having Your Kids in a Wedding

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 by by

7 Tips for Having Your Kids in a Wedding #wedding #flowergirl

With Spring and Summer approaching, wedding season is upon us. Weddings are exciting and fun. Unless you happen to be the parent of kids in a wedding, in which case the whole experience can be stressful. This past summer, I had all three of my kids in a wedding. My twins had just turned 4 and my youngest was 2 1/2. While I was excited about the wedding of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, I was less excited about how my kids would perform. Here are some tips I learned for having your kids in a wedding.

Research Weddings
Help your kids become wedding experts by reading kids books about weddings. Some of our favorite were The Most Special Flower Girl, The Best Ever Ring Bearer and the coloring book At the Wedding. You can even show your kids some videos of kids in action at a wedding. There are lots of videos online, but I bet your kids will get a kick out of seeing your own wedding. This will help them understand what will be expected of them. (more…)