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Reading… Kindergarten Style

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 by by

Eric seems to have found the “keys to the castle” when it comes to reading…because suddenly, he is doing an amazing job of it! For a while now, he has been bringing little poems and books home from Kindergarten, and he reads them himself. He has been wanting to read more books, but all of the level 1 or pre-1 books I’d found, even the Phonics books, were just a bit… Well, honestly, they weren’t too hard, they were just too long. He could read them, but by the middle of the book, he was tired of working so hard to read it.

“You read it, Mommy!”

So, I remembered a book series I’d heard of a while back – Bob books. Not Bob the Builder, though… Just Bob.

The first couple of books I flipped through from the first set seemed almost too easy, but they progressed quickly through the set, and by the end of it they were perfect for Eric. Short sentences, repetition, word families, and a lot of words he could easily sound out.

It was like mana from heaven for the kid when I brought them home. He was so thrilled that he could read books all by himself! Randomly, he would pick up one, sit on the couch, and just…read. Other times, he would tell me I needed to sit down so he could read to me.

He was so excited. He was reading! All by himself! (more…)


Irrational Mommy Fears…..Part II

Monday, September 26th, 2011 by by

I’ve talked about irrational Mommy fears here before, but now I have a whole new set of irrational fears now that Lex is in full-time school. When I drop him off he has to walk all by himself to his line outside his classroom door. That’s when I stand there and wait until he walks in and I know he’s safe. Then it starts: the worrying.

“What if he needs me and starts crying, then runs out of the class and down the street searching for me, all the while screaming MOMMY!!!!! over and over again?!?!”

That’s when I have to keep from crying my eyes out. The “What ifs” are never ending. I hate that I can’t walk him to his line. I hate that I can’t homeschool him. I hate that he doesn’t really like going to school. I just hate it all! Another huge fear of mine is some kid losing his mind and taking a gun to school and shooting up Lex’s kindergarten class. I know that’s a bit much, but I think of it almost daily. I have to force myself to not think about horrible things that could happen to my kids. It’s just an awful feeling, and I know you know what I’m talking about. I actually try not to go too far from town, ya know, just in case. It’s ridiculous. I am trying harder to have pleasant thoughts and to not worry so much, but gosh, it’s hard. :(

Lessons from Kindergarten

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 by by

We are learning an awful lot from kindergarten – *we* being me and Will, not Troy. Sure, he’s learning quite a bit, but the lessons seem to be more for us than anything (me more than Will though).

1) I am a control freak. Yep. I had an idea I had issues, but until Troy started school, I had no idea how much of one. In Preschool, his teacher gave us a folder every day that had something in it – a great day sticker, homework, a letter, work from the day… I loved knowing what was going on. Kindergarten, not so much. I know it’s hard for 18-21 students, so I understand, but I feel so lost and frustrated not know how he’s doing. In his words, he’s behaving and doing everything right, but is he……..???

2) I had no idea that I needed to explain to throw away the trash from lunch. Didn’t realize that he would bring home leftover pudding UNCOVERED, banana peels, mandarin orange cups with juice still in it. His lunch bag has been used a total of 4 days and it’s disgusting.

3) I didn’t realize that I also needed to explain that as sweet as it is to want Will to be included, he needed to be told NOT to try to save popsicles for him. And here I was worrying more about letters, numbers, social skills…..

4) When parents told me to expect my child to be hungry after school, they did not tell me that he would act like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Yesterday after school, he had 4 PB crackers, fruit snacks, raisins, and carrots, and BEGGED FOR MORE!

5) On the same note, yes, I was warned that he would be a little tired and grumpy, but I was not expecting that every day at 5pm, he would act like he was possessed.

6) Will has learned that he gets a lot of attention at pick up and really likes it, so let’s just say, he’s very good at getting it. (In other words, he’s LOUD!)

7) Will also has learned that he misses his big brother. He enjoys his time one on one, but he’s refusing to nap because I mentioned that after nap, we would go pick up Troy. Soooo, in toddler rationale, I won’t nap, so therefore, we pick Troy up now.

There are more, but since I must go deal with the child having a party in his room…..

I Did Not Expect This

Friday, August 26th, 2011 by by

Well, it’s actually coming. I knew the day was approaching, but until today – Meet the Teacher Day – it hadn’t sunk in fully. I have been very excited for Troy to start school. I cannot wait to see what he learns, how he does, who he becomes friends with… I, of course, am a little nervous for him, because he’s had lots of anxiety in the past. He seems to be past this, but I just don’t know what to expect come Wednesday. Yes, I know he’ll be fine. Yes, I know there are other kids that may be scared or nervous and yes, I know kindergarten teachers expect this and know how to handle this. BUT, he’s my kid and I can be a freak about it if I want.

What I did not expect was to be the one not able to sleep, feeling anxious about it all and the littlest of details. I mean, really? I laid in bed last night worrying about if he’ll know how to deal with buying lunch (of course he will, yet I worried). I didn’t expect to be concerned about what happens if he doesn’t like the lunch. Should I pack him something just in case? I didn’t expect to be concerned about the pick up and drop off. Yes, this stuff, the littlest of details, is what is causing me anxiety and butterflies in MY stomach! Most parents say they are worried about the big things – will their child make friends, will they behave, will they learn and develop – and here I am worrying about lunch??? Yes, I will gladly admit that I am a total freak and didn’t expect this at all. However, when I texted the husband about being nervous, his reply was, “So business as usual, huh?” Maybe I should have expected it after all.


Kindergarten Round-up

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 by by

Tis the season for fall planning – in the world of education, that is. Yes, we are busy planting vegetables and flowers, retrieving outdoor toys from the garage attic, and prepping for backyard barbecues… However, spring is also a time of curriculum planning, and in the public and private schools, the push for Kindergarten round-up.

My daughter would start Kindergarten by public school standards this fall. Two years ago, when we were exploring our options and touring the schools, we also were able to visit the classrooms in action aside from the designated “open houses.” One charter school, in particular, we loved, even if the drive (half hour one way) would have added up considerably. Regardless, we took this plunge into home education nearly a year and a half ago, with the knowledge that we would reevaluate our decision each year as our needs evolve or change. We have had a wonderful, adventurous year in the world of homeschooling, and we will continue next year.

That being said, I’d be lying if there weren’t times, especially in the last three months, when I have felt considerably overwhelmed, useless, or downright defiant about our journey. Kindergarten round-up schedules were penned into my planner with determination as I would, on some days, try to convince myself that we would attend. Kindergarten round-up. It’s tempting beyond belief! It sounds wonderful at times. My life would be ten times easier if I sent her to Kindergarten next year. I don’t mean that to imply public school is a cop out at all. It’s just that homeschooling is hard, day in and day out on top of chores and activities and appointments. Kindergarten? Indeed, round-them-up! (more…)

Mother’s Day, Surprises, Shots, and Flooding

Monday, May 16th, 2011 by by

(The title isn’t in order. lol It just sounds better that way.)

DSCN0337 copy

I hate surprises.

Because of that, when John called me Friday and told me that all three kiddos would be doing sleepover – whether they wanted to or not – at my mom’s, I was on the suspicious side. John doesn’t make plans for the kids to do sleepovers; he makes plans for the kids not to do sleepovers. I tried calling my mom to find out what was up, and she had no clue.

Saturday, John woke me up at 8 am. He said we needed to get up, eat, and get ready for an early day. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but I doubt anyone appreciates the depths of what I’m about to say. I. Am. NOT. A. Morning. Person. Expecting me to get up and do anything is, well, stupid. lol Despite what John and my mom kept telling me about cheering up, that I was in for a surprise, I remained in a bad mood. I kept that bad mood up when the first part of the plan got cancelled due to rain, then I was in a worse mood when I first spent an hour in Taco Bell then an hour in Walgreen’s as John tried to kill time.

We eventually arrived downtown, and that is when John sprang his surprise. (more…)

Long Time No Post!!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011 by by

Let me start off by saying this…..we are all done teething in this house! HALLELUJAH!! Ever since Lo was born, I’ve been looking forward to this day. It’s a wonderful feeling. ((sigh)) So anyways. Lots of exciting things going on around here. I have my first wedding shoot 2 weeks ago. And yes, I’m still editing the pictures. Where do pros find the time?!?! Geesh. It was my best friend’s wedding. She’s 4 months pregnant and the happiest she’s ever been. It’s a beautiful thing. Here are some pictures I edited on the iPad using instagram……



My heart’s breaking for my boy.

Thursday, January 28th, 2010 by by

So, Zach came home from school totally heartbroken today. Apparently, during recess Zach’s good friend since school last year told him that he’s not only not Zach’s friend anymore, nobody else is, and nobody likes him, and that he couldn’t play with them. I’ve been trying to convince him that this isn’t true, but Zach just doesn’t believe me. Obviously, to him, since this mean little boy told him this, it must be true. I never knew kindergarteners could be so hateful to each other. Especially since he’s been friends with this boy for almost two years now. Zach was so happy when this boy got transfered to his class because nobody else from his class last year was in his class this year. Now his heart is broken and he truly believes nobody likes him.

My ‘baby’ is a kindy kid!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 by by

*Wipes away tears* Yesterday Gaby had her first day at Kindergarten!!!!  For those of you who aren’t from NZ, our kindergarten is between ages 3-5, and (generally) on a child’s 5th birthday, they start primary/elementary school.  Regardless of that, it is still Gaby’s final stop before being a school kid – and that is such a scary thought!!!  She was so excited all day about going to kindergarten, and when we arrived, she wanted to go straight to the playground – of course!  We spoke to the head teacher & she showed us around (more…)

Preparing for the first day of kindergarten

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 by by

It’s not a big deal.

Ok, so it is. I don’t care if he went to school last year. No one other than me, Zach, John and some immediate family took the fact that he went to pre-k last year seriously. I mean he was actually at the elementary school Mondays – Fridays 7 – 2:30. He went to school. So I wasn’t expecting to feel this overwhelming sense of sadness about his first day of kindergarten. It’s sort of like that final snap; my baby is a big boy now. Really and truly.

I was getting all of his school supplies into his backpack, signing and filling out all the forms I got at orientation, and making his luch when this funk hit me. I was sitting there labeling his things and stuffing them in the backpack when I thought “Why didn’t I buy him a new backpack? All the others kids are going to have new shiny ones, and (more…)