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A back to school project

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 by by

Yesterday, the big kids had their 4-H awards ceremony, where they got certificates, pins, and ribbons for the project books completed earlier in the year. When I have more than one free hand, I will find the photos and give you all the juicy details. Having a toddler along for the ride magically made two hours of festivities seem like an all-day torture.

Back to the reason for the occupied hand: yesterday evening, the kids came in, clamoring about a kitten lying in the road. I went out and didn’t see anything, and then a little black shape slipped under a fence into someone’s backyard. Alexei wanted me to toss him over the fence so he could get the kitten, and he was rather upset when I told him that A) there was no way on earth I was throwing him into a backyard of people who weren’t home, and B) we’d probably never catch it. End of story.

That would be too easy, right? (more…)


Now We Are Six

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 by by

Dear Violet,
I am writing to you because you are behind the clothes washing machine and can not hear me very well because Mom told me that I need to use my quiet voice that I use for kitties and babies because you are scared a little bit. Hi Violet. My name is Robert Edward Rosenberg and I am also Bob. I am in your new family and this is your new house where you live. I think you are nice. Do you like Star Wars? I like Star Wars. We are from earth, you and me too.

You are living in our house because Miss Diana from three houses down in the green house, died because she was very sick and she had five kitties and we picked you and we love you because we heard you were the loneliest kitty (more…)