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Cave art and toddler lapbooks

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 by by

We’ve made it through the first week of school; this used to be a big deal, but this year for the first time there wasn’t a whole lot of, “Oh crud, what was I thinking?!?” going on. I guess it only took six years to get here! I’ve set our days up to have Friday be more of a relaxed, fun subjects kind of day. I do sneak in writing, but so far they’re pacified; that may change when they’re writing rough drafts. Soon, Friday will mean 4-H activities, but until our books come in, the major subject of the day is art.

Today, we made our own cave paintings to help understand lines and form. I cut up paper grocery sacks and wrinkled them for a realistic textured effect, and the kids were told to use a black crayon for outlining their main elements in their drawings. Suggestions were horses, mammoths, simple people, plants, and so on. After outlining, they could use pastel chalks to add colors to their cave wall. (more…)


Lapbooks, mini offices, and work boxes

Friday, July 9th, 2010 by by

I recently discovered, on my homeschooling boards, the awesomeness of lapbooks, mini offices, and work boxes.  I’ve been hard at work, or as hard at work as someone can be with one arm, revamping our homeschooling setup to include these.  I have a huge stack of lapbooks and file folder games I’m planning to make once I have more lamination sheets, but already we’ve begun using quite a bit of them in our schooling.  The kids really seem to love it.

These are the workboxes.  Each subject of the day has a folder that corresponds.  Once the child has completed folder 1 they take the velcro one off the folder and adhere it to the front of their box.  It keeps them on task as well as myself, and it makes it more fun for them. The kids REALLY love this system.