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I haven’t forgotten, just processing

Friday, October 14th, 2011 by by

I was asked a few times if I’m disappointed that the baby is a boy. Of course I’m not! I don’t understand going through the excitement of becoming pregnant, maintaining that excitement for nearly 20 weeks, only to become disappointed that the baby has the wrong anatomy between their legs. Yes, we wanted a girl, because we already have three boys and wanted to give Anastasia a sister, but we aren’t upset at all. On the contrary, we are quite happy and thrilled to be having another boy. When we first got together, I thought I’d never have any boys. My family seems to only produce girls – so each boy is just an added blessing and surprise.

The ONLY disappointment was the tough decision this created. We always wanted 6 kids and had agreed that if we got our second girl, we’d cut it early. I had mixed emotions about this, but agreed because Chris really feels finished (although he’s said this after each child and then changed his mind and bugged me to get pregnant again). Once we discovered it’s another boy, it became more difficult. I had started to come to terms that this may be the last baby. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for it, and I had hoped if it was a girl I wouldn’t really have to make the hard decision, but I do.

For the past few days, I had been trying to rationalize stopping, because rationally speaking there are a lot of good reasons to say our family is complete.
1. We have a large family
2. 4 teenage boys is already daunting (food bill wise), what if the next is a boy and we have 5 teenage boys to feed?
3. Pregnancy is HARD on my body and my EDS. I’ve become more high risk with each pregnancy, and it takes a while for me to recover afterwards.
4. Chris is ready to stop.
5. I have been pregnant, or breastfeeding, or both for the past 8 years with only a 12 month break total.
6. We are held back by having a newborn or me being pregnant and can’t do a lot of family activities because of it.
7. I’m tired.
8. I tried to reason that, miscarriage included, I’ve been pregnant 6 times.

BUT…. (more…)


And Baby Makes 5!

Monday, June 27th, 2011 by by

Thats right! We are pregnant again! I’m due between March 3rd and March 7th, making me 3 weeks 4 days to 4 weeks 1 day pregnant – so still very early. I am very excited but also quite calm this time around. We let Anthony read the test to the kids, and he was so excited, as was Anastasia. David doesn’t really care, and Charlie has no clue what is going on. One of my best friends just found out she is pregnant and is due March 6th, so we are literally due within days of each other!

I’m preparing myself for the comments that always seem to come with pregnancy. So….
1) Yes, we know what causes this. It’s hand holding, right? We quit holding hands years ago, and yet we still keep finding ourselves knocked up. It’s strange. Perhaps it’s because we keep sleeping in the same bed.
This pregnancy was planned, and we are quite happy.
2) No, we are not trying to beat any records. Five kids is hardly a record. The record for most children is 69 (you can find the link here). I highly doubt that 5 is anywhere near enough to constitute a record. When I give birth to my 60th child (which at this rate will happen when I’m 140 years old), then feel free to ask me if I am trying to set a record.

3) Yes, we can afford them. Why is it that whenever a woman gets pregnant, people feel as if all social politeness no longer applies? (more…)

Family Dynamics

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 by by

The thing about a big family is that no matter what type of big family it is, there is a distinctive dynamic only present after 4 kids. The fifth one really gets the ball rolling on the crazy train.

Some people can handle that big family dynamic. Generally, they are from a big family themselves, or they are just the kind of personality that can easily block out noise, split themselves fifty different ways, and beat everyone else out when the bum rush to the ringing phone begins.

Some people have visible meltdowns when faced with that many people fighting for your attention.

J always wonders why I talk so loud when I’m trying to say something important, or why my voice goes up progressively through the conversation. It’s because (more…)


Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 by by

This past weekend we took the family camping which is another post in and of itself.   When we awoke the first morning and exited our RV, we were immediately met by the family camped out next door.

The mom, a babe in her arms, ran over excitedly exclaiming, “Do you have five kids too??  My husband started counting when your kids came out and then he saw your husband with the baby and he said, ‘There are FIVE!”  She said this as if recounting his reaction to winning the lottery.

That’s the thing about having a big family – people either love you or hate you.  Those who love you are usually kindred spirits who either come from a big family or have one themselves.  Those that hate you are the kind of people who selfishly expect to eat their restaurant meals in peace.

After comparing notes with our neighbors on names, ages and boy:girl ratios we stood there with our mirror families.  The small talk uncovered a lot of interesting information  including the fact that the patriarch of the other family was a professional magician.  I bit my tongue about asking him whether he could make a couple of our kids (more…)