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Borax Crystal Letters

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 by by

I have seen ornaments and snowflakes made from Borax and pipe cleaners, but I didn’t want to wait until Christmas to try this fun kids activity. I decided we would make some letters. I started out with letter “A” and thought I could make all the letters of the alphabet. Yeah, that was very ambitious. I have only done “A” so far, and since the whole process is a little time consuming, I think we will just be making the kids first initials.

Supplies you will need:

  • Borax
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Thread or string
  • Boiling water
  • Pencil
  • Glass container, large enough for the letter to hang (mason jars work well)



Play-Doh Redeems Itself

Saturday, January 14th, 2012 by by

If you’re like me and have ever thought you loved Play-Doh, then experienced the joys of a child smearing Play-Doh all over the carpet and it never coming off again, you’re probably already suspicious. We were in Target last weekend looking for something… Now I can’t even remember what. You know how that memory just melts away with each kid you have, and I’ve got four. Anyhow, of course we wound up in the toy section, of course a bunch of stuff was on clearance, and of course the kids all had money left over after Christmas because they were smart and spent *our* money on gifts and saved theirs. They really needed new toys a week after getting like a zillion of them. Two years later, they’d finally picked out the toys they were going to buy, when I spotted something that gave me pause.

Yes, it was the dreaded Play-Doh. Play-Doh like I have cleaned up a million times and swore we were finished with. But this Play-Doh came with letter stampers! This elevated it out of toy status and into the realms of school necessity. Plus, it was on clearance at 50% off, and you know what a cheapskate…err, bargain hunter I am. The Play-Doh came home with us under strict admonishments that it would live in the school closet and only be used by Coral for letter practice. I figured we had about a 10% chance of abiding by those rules for more than a day. (more…)

Half A Year Old

Friday, July 8th, 2011 by by
*This letter is long past due and was sitting in my draft pile for a couple months*

Six Months

Dear Baby Bird:
I can’t believe you’re six months old. I’m amazed by how much you have grown. You are 27 inches long (77th percentile) and 17.9 lbs (65th percentile). Let’s not talk about your head circumference, it’s just big - that’s your daddy’s fault! However, you hide it with all your hair, so it’s not noticeable. You have so much hair for a baby your age, and people mention it all the time. Strangers stop us wherever we go to admire your beauty, and they always say you look older because of all the blond hair you have. Momma secretly hopes your hair will get a little darker, so you will look a little more like me.

You are sitting up like a “big girl,” and you are able to tolerate tummy time now. I was really worried that you were going to resist tummy time forever due to how you hated it with your harness. I really felt horrible having to put you on your tummy, since you would cry the very second you knew it was going to happen. I’m so glad we are past the tummy time torture and we can now play in either position (i.e sitting or on your tummy).

Within this last month, you have started eating solids. I started you on oatmeal cereal, then sweet potatoes. Currently, you are eating oatmeal mixed with fruits/veggies twice a day. I want to make sure you have a gradual start to eating solids. I want it to be a pleasant experience so you are more willing to explore different foods rather than resisting and being a picky eater. I’m excited to introduce you to all the fun tastes and textures solids have to offer.

In just six short months, you have changed my life in so many ways. From the instant our eyes met when you were born, I knew I was reborn.You have challenged me (patience, breast-feeding, sleepless nights, etc.), yet you have bought me so much joy.  I enjoy and continue to look forward to every laugh, smile, and snuggle you give me.

I love watching you with your daddy. Anytime he enters the room, you give him the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. You absolutely adore him, and you have stolen his heart. You light up his life and that of everyone who meets you.

Keep growing, little bird. I look forward to watching you grow the rest of your life. You will always be my little bird though.

Love you to the moon and back,

YOUR Mommy

What can you say to that?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 by by

This kid cracks me up.

“Mommy! Mommy! What letter does ‘jammies’ start with??”

“You tell me, Eric. Juh-juh-jammies. What letter is that?”

“J!!!!! This week it’s letter E and letter J at school! Can I take my jammies for show and tell?”

“Sure! And you know what? Eric starts with E and jammies starts with J – if you take Eric’s jammies, you’ll be doing both letters!”

“No, Mommy! I start with a capital E, and we’re doing lower case e and j this week. Lower case!”

…Well, I guess he sure told me.


Letter recognition!

Monday, August 16th, 2010 by by

I’m so proud of Gaby!  Over the past few weeks, she’s been really interested in letters – asking what letter people’s names start with, what a particular letter is when she sees it, etc.  On Friday, while we were at the mall, she pointed to a letter ‘T’ in a big sign & said, “T! That letter starts Aunty Terri’s name!!!”  A few minutes later, she saw a ‘D’ and told me, “that letter starts Dad,” with absolutely no prompting from me either!  I was so proud of her. I gave her big kisses and cuddles and told her exactly how great I thought she was, and how clever it was to be able to tell me what those letters were.

It truly is amazing, seeing a child learning all these skills – being able to say certain letters, then being able to see a letter and say what it is, and a word that starts with that letter!  I have a feeling the next couple of years are going to blow my mind as she starts developing her writing and reading skills.  It makes me feel so good as a mother that she’s reaching these milestones.  Such a bright wee thing.. I love her to bits!

So proud

Sunday, March 14th, 2010 by by

For Christmas I bought Seamus some dry erase cards to practice his letters and alphabet with. We tried them and it failed so I put them away for a later time. Well today (Wed.) I took them out, 3 at a time, and showed him how to do it. After a couple times of me holding his hand and the marker he figured out how to follow the lines and figured v’s and a’s out, and even wrote an a on regular paper for me. He was very excited and would go trade his 3 cards for 3 more and try. Hes a little heavy on the marker though so he squiggles and scribbles a lot but its progress for him.

He’s still not doing well on his letters though. A couple hours later I told him to get the Apple card again and asked him what letter Apple started with and he said (more…)

Tis Post Brougt to you by te letter “H”

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 by by

So tis morning I was trying to entertain my son.  E was done wit is bouncer, activity gym, jumper, floor time, mommy time, etc, so I decided to try an infant computer game.  A friend of mine said er daugter really loved tem, especially one tat does a peekabo wen you smack on te keys.  We found te game and I let im smack away.

Except, e didn’t smack.  E grasped.  E likes to scratc at tings.  Well, tis time in less tan 2 seconds e got a letter in is grasp.  Guess wat tat letter was?  It was an “H”, mon’.

I am able to insert H’s using my caracter palette but tat takes too long.  So for now don’t expect a blog post from me.  I could use our oter computer but I ate tem.  Well, I didn’t eat it.  I just ate it.  mmmmmm…… tat doesn’t work so well.

Tis Blog post is brougt to you by (more…)