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Manatee Moments

Monday, May 30th, 2011 by by

We were gifted a subscription to Your Big Backyard magazine, and my kids adore it every month. Not only is it something fun to look forward to in the mail, but it spurs spontaneous adventure when we turn any topic of their choice into a unit study for the day. The feature in our recent issue was the Manatee. We read up what the magazine had to say, drew a picture of a Manatee with YBB’s step-by-step instructions, and found amazing free education resources online at the Save the Manatee Club website. They have free printables, games, videos, and sound clips – you can hear a lot of the different sounds a Manatee makes! My kids loved it, very cool! We also made a diorama: the Manatee’s Habitat in the ocean, complete with real rocks, since manatees love to scratch their backs by rolling around on the ocean floor. We had all the materials on hand already and used a potato as our new pet manatee! It was a really fun study for the day. (more…)


We’ve been chosen!

Saturday, March 12th, 2011 by by
The force is strong in our family! (Just for you hunny, just for you.) We are the chosen family for an article on life with higher order multiples.

Nothing I haven’t blogged about before, but exciting that it is going to be a published article in a high end local magazine!

I’ve managed to make the kids their outfits. Gotta get my {SIG} name out there & what better way than to have my own trio wear stuff.

Ian is going to rock the tie with a white button down and jeans. Can’t forget the Chuck Taylors (all 3 will wear them).

I’m totally stoked! I hope it all goes well.

Wish us luck!