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60 Years & Counting

Saturday, June 30th, 2012 by by

Two little love birds sitting in a tree…

My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage this weekend. Can you even imagine?

They met in Holland many moons ago. My grandfather was a missionary, and my grandmother had just joined the Mormon church. He replaced the missionary that had converted her family. My grandfather and his companion missionary visited her family’s home a lot, allowing them to get to know each other. They also spent time talking during choir practice. A couple of months later, my grandfather was transferred to another city where he completed the rest of his mission., but by then he was already madly in love. (more…)


A Mother Knows

Monday, June 6th, 2011 by by

My daughter is getting married today. It should be a joyous occasion. I should be happy for her – but I am not.

He is not the right man for her. She is not happy. He hurts her. She denies this and puts a smile on her face, but I am her mother, and a mother knows when her children are not happy. A mother knows when her children are hiding something.

This afternoon, I will sit and watch her father walk her down the aisle. I will hope she will turn around and run the other way, but I fear she will not. She will walk to this man and become his wife. Her future will not be a happy one. I know this. I am her mother. A mother knows when her children are walking into a mistake. Unfortunately, there is very little I can do.

I’ve already expressed my concern to her. I’ve told her I think she is making a mistake. I’ve asked her to reconsider. She tells me not to worry. She tells me she’ll be fine. She tells me she is happy. She tells me they love each other. But I am her mother; I know otherwise.

So as they say their “I do’s,” I will watch with a heavy heart. The tears I will cry will not be tears of happiness. I will watch her go down this path only to get hurt, but I will be waiting. Waiting to help her pick up the pieces. Waiting to help her get her life back. I am her mother, and a mother knows when her children will need her most.

No, I am not married.

Friday, May 21st, 2010 by by

I hate answering questionnaires when it comes to my marital status.  The typical multiple choice answers are: single, married, divorced, widowed.  Usually I answer divorced, but that’s not really true.  While I have been divorced from Sarah & James’ dad for nearly 10 years, I am not single.  No, Neely and I are not married, but we are a family and we are committed to one another and from the outside, we appear like your average blended family – if there is such a thing.

My marital status is not really a cause of concern for me.  We do plan to get married, when the time is right for us; when we can agree on the type of ceremony that we want.  Not being husband and wife doesn’t change our level of commitment to each other.  I know he’s in for the long haul and he knows I am too.  We just haven’t made getting married a priority; not because it’s not important, but because we’ve had many other extremely urgent matters crop up during the course of the 6 and a half years we’ve been together.

The only time my marital status trips me up is when I’m speaking to people face to face.  Online on justmommies, and here on my blog, I usually just refer to him as Neely, but when I meet someone who doesn’t know him, (more…)

Coping with the Coping.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

I know nothing of my husband’s life from 11pm at night until 7am in the morning.

One time my dad asked how his night went and I about fell off my chair when J told him and about getting kicked in the leg because he had a double ear infection and couldn’t hear the guy coming behind him.

In the beginning of J’s career, I heard more. I remember getting a phone call and hearing my fiancee talk about being the first on the scene of a deadly crash, where he pulled the driver out of the wreckage and held him as he died. That first incident changed my soon to be husband. Changed his approach to our relationship, changed his strategy for separating the two. I remember the clipped, detached way he told me the story- as if he needed to tell someone, but didn’t want to. I haven’t heard that tone of voice come from him again.

I’ve asked J about it- I ask him about his work, and I hear his complaints about officials or the way they do things, his ideas for making it better, his interaction with people. I don’t hear anything concerning actual police work (more…)


Me, You & A Bucket of Glue: Celebrating Three Years- Part I

Friday, February 26th, 2010 by by

Today is my three year wedding anniversary. I previously wrote a post about How I Met My Husband, which is probably close to my favorite thing I ever wrote. Now it’s time to tell a little more of the story:

Riding With The King:
When I met J I was sixteen and a freshman in college. I had never had a boyfriend, never (more…)

As if you needed proof that I am a genius

Monday, July 6th, 2009 by by

On Monday there was this guy that I was living with. He was alright, bit annoying with his inability to put out the trash and unwillingness to clean the kitty litter. He was warm enough in bed, but had a tendency to steal the covers and put his cold feet on me. And, ok, fine, he talked a little too much about work.

On Tuesday I left for a work conference. Three days of seminars about time management, driving referrals, and how to develop staff. Three days of working and socializing with the same people. Too many coffees, quick lunches. They are great people, sure, but 72 hours of them is a little much.

Thursday night I came home. And there was this man, in my house. And he? IS HOT. Ladies, I kid you not that I’m totally into him. I can’t get enough of him. He’s kind, and a good listener, and was excited to see me. He made coffee for me this morning, and gave me the kind of good morning/have a good day kiss that (more…)

Picture of the Day: "You’re My Best Friend…"

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 by by

I can say something not many people can say. I have had the same best friend for seventeen years.

On my first day of kindergarten, 1992, this tall blond girl in big glasses walked up to me and said “Hi, my name is Emily, and if you’re not my friend I’ll beat you up.” (How do I know this? It’s not something I’ve let her live down once in the past 17 years.) Me, being a small child my whole life readily agreed to be her friend, and we have been best friends ever since. We went to school together through the 7th grade and then I moved about an hour away, but we still talked all the time and got together whenever we could. We’ve always been complete opposites in many ways except a few. She was the tall, athletic, never in trouble, goal driven girl. I was the short, sports hating, always in trouble, no goals at all girl. We dressed in completely different styles, hung out with completely different groups of people; we even went to different colleges in different states. But nothing has ever broken or gotten in the way of our friendship. I’ve always figured we’ve stayed so close through the years because we balance each other out so well. She’s my best friend in the whole wide world, and I’m closer to her and love her more than my sisters.

I watched her get married today to a man (more…)


We’ve been married a year; it’s time to get some chickens

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by by

We spent the long weekend visiting friends in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful getaway, as they live in a very rural area. It was nice to stay with friends who have the same naturalistic views that we have. On their one acre plot of land, they are raising a garden, and hoping to buy some egg chickens within the year. I’ve mentioned these friends on my blog before. They introduced the concepts of EC to me when Jonah was just weeks old.

We are currently looking at a home that sits on a five acre lot. If we are able to sell our home in Cleveland, we will try to make an offer on it. We are both crossing our fingers that we are able to buy this chunk of land, because it is everything that we need and is right in our price range. When Daryl’s friend mentioned that they were getting chickens soon, I saw that twinkle flare up in his eye. “Hey Jess!” he said “If we get that place….”
me:”yes dear, we might look into getting chickens…”
him: “and a goat!”

A goat? Well, I guess it is easier than keeping a cow for milk. I’m honestly surprised (more…)

I’ve loved you for five years, here’s your lump of wood

Saturday, April 11th, 2009 by by

5 years ago this cute young couple had only known each other for 12 months. In that time they moved from the U.K. to Canada after knowing each other for just 12 weeks, became engaged after 15 weeks, moved back to the U.K. after 7 months, and went back to Canada for the wedding. And, then honeymooned in New Zealand.

Oh, how we laughed at the wedding! What a year! Surely, now that we had most of the ‘biggie’s that could stress a relationship out of the way, marriage would b easy(er).

In the first 12 months of our marriage we honeymooned in New Zealand, I started a new job in the U.K. and we applied for permanent residence in New Zealand. Easy.

The second year of our marriage started with me completing a triathlon in New Zealand while on holiday. And then we moved to New Zealand 4 weeks later. In the next 11 months, we moved to 5 different addresses and I changed jobs twice.

This year, on number five, we are astounded to say (more…)