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Thankful Tuesday

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 by by

This past weekend was quite the whirlwind! I do believe it was over in the blink of an eye! Here I sit with a cup of hot chocolate (coffee = blech), willing my eyes to stay open and typing away at the computer trying to look busy. I can type pretty well with my eyes closed, so I don’t see what the big deal is, really. I guess the bosses think it’s unprofessional or something? Easy for them to say since they have office doors!

My four day weekend was just splendid. I am so thankful that my sister and brother-in-law were able to be here. We started the weekend off a little early with a night out on the town, complete with wings and beer followed by more beer, pina coladas, and mojitos at the beach. Throw in some live music courtesy of a local hottie, and you have got one hell of a Thursday evening!

Friday, the ladies and Haeden spent the day shopping while the boys (minus my hungover hubby) golfed. I’m pretty sure Haeden would have preferred to be golfing with the guys, but at least he got to ride an “ackickle!” (more…)


Menu Plan Monday – Memorial Week

Monday, June 6th, 2011 by by

Happy Memorial Day!! I wonder how many people are BBQ-ing. We didn’t BBQ, but we did go visit my grandparents and made a trip to the cemetery to say hi to my daddy. Then we came home and made lunch… Chinese! It was my dad’s favorite, as well as my Hubby’s and Vetty’s too! It was a very frugal meal as well. It was a soup. I can’t remember the name, but guess what! They are usually like $1.19. I had tried them some time last year because Hubs always likes to try the foods in the “Chinese” section of the grocery store (none of those meals in a bowl). Because it’s recommended to be made by boiling the noodles, then adding the “base” in your bowl – makes it more authentic. Anywho… They were on sale for $.25 a few weeks ago at my local H-E-B! I bought like 6. So for this Memorial Day lunch, I only made two. The water I used to boil the noodles in was FREE (at my local watermill promotion). So, $.50 total for a family of 4 = $.12 a person!! So hoping to keep the meals this week this low… I only have $6 left for the week! Remember, I was on a really tight budget! Wish me luck! (more…)

Memorial Day Kabobs

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 by by

Enjoy a small backyard barbecue with some friends this Memorial Day and grill up tasty kabobs! Pick up some organic white mushrooms, grape or cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, red skinned potatoes (partially cook before skewing), chicken (or meat of choice), and some skewers. Kabob it up and soak them overnight (or at least 4 hours) in Italian dressing. Jumbo 2-1/2 gallon ziplock bags work great for this. Soaking the skewers with the meat and veggies not only marinates the food, but wetting the skewers if they are wooden keeps them from burning too much.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Plans for next Memorial Day

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 by by

Yesterday, I reflected a lot on the Memorial Days of my past.  When I was younger, my mother had a garden full of bearded irises, and every Memorial Day we’d cut a bunch and take them to the cemetery.  We put some on my great-grandmother’s grave, and a couple other ancestors buried in that cemetery, and then we’d go around and put them on random graves…especially if we found the grave of someone who had been in the military.

I liked putting them on children’s graves.  Even then, I felt a sense of profound loss for those families and wanted those babies to be remembered.

Tomorrow, we’re closing on a house, and this fall I plan on planting iris bulbs everywhere.  They’re one of the few flowers I’m not allergic to, and I just think they’re breathtaking.

Next Memorial Day, I want to cut a bunch and take my kids to the cemetery.  We have no relatives buried here in Colorado, but I plan on putting them on the graves of military servicemen and some children.  Maybe the children’s ones will have a small note from me.


Memorial Day

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 by by

To all the military service people that
have given the ultimate sacrifice,
thank you.

To all the families (more…)

Memorial Day

Monday, May 31st, 2010 by by

My Grandfather, Robert Lee Zimmerman, Germany 1944
Today is for remembering with gratitude.

Memorial Day Ramblings

Monday, May 31st, 2010 by by

Memorial Day has become very important to our family. We have always remembered our family and friends who have served in the Armed Forces, but this year, it just hits closer to home. My brother in law is in the Army Reserves and is about to be deployed for the 2nd time in 7 years. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2002-2003 and is set to leave for another year sometime in the near future. He leaves my sister with their 2 young children (4 1/2 and 21 months). As anyone can imagine this is very hard on all of them. He is a very proud soldier and enjoys his job however, he knows that he will be missing so much. Last time he left, he and my sister were dating and it was hard enough. This time, it’s going to be unimaginable how things are before he leaves. He does have 3 weeks that he can focus on his family and preparing himself and them as he leaves, but can you truly prepare children of that age? I just don’t know. (more…)