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Harry Potter 7.2

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 by by
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So I’m a Harry Potter junkie.

That makes me better than silly Twilight junkies, because, hello, Harry Potter is way better than Twilight. lol

I started reading the Harry Potter books when I got the first one when I was in 7th grade. I got it for like Christmas (or maybe my birthday – they’re close enough to get the presents mixed up when remembering, lol) from my grandparents. Even then, I loved reading, and I loved reading books that had to do with magic. (For example, the first chapter book I ever read was The Worst Witch.) So Harry Potter was a perfect fit for me. I instantly loved the books, and as the movies came out, I instantly loved them too. To be completely honest, I still love the books and the movies. lol I was like silly excited when the last book came out…even though I was like 21 or 22. John even got me a box set of the books for my birthday this year. Before that, my sister and I had the whole set broken up between us that we passed back and forth. By the time I got my box set (she got a box set also for Christmas), the books we had were pretty raggedy from years and years of reading.

As the final movie drew near I went back and forth between excited about seeing it, to being sad about it being the last. (more…)


Anastasia: Beautiful movie based completely on…myth and legendary fiction

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 by by

We just viewed the animated movie “Anastasia” for the first time. Not that I was counting on it as a true history lesson, but I’m always up for bringing history to life for the kids, and an appreciation for the history of Russian Czars runs in my family, so it seemed like a win-win. It’s one thing to be completely historically inaccurate for the sake of fairytale/story-telling, but how can they claim it is “Based on a True Story?” Wow, that is a stretch!! I guess it does the job of drawing kids into the world of a lost Russian Princess, except she didn’t really survive, and yes, Rasputin beat the murder odds a tad, but this sure takes that to the extreme! With just a few changes (like not having her end up being the real Anastasia, and not having an undead Rasputin) it would have been more accurate, to say the least.

If you’re animating a classic, what’s wrong with keeping the real history in the mix? I suppose it can lead us into a lesson of what a myth is… I would have enjoyed it so much more if she simply found out she wasn’t the real princess, but she still lived happily ever after with the Dimitri guy at the end like they had it. When they had the grandmother reunite with her and acknowledge her is all bogus. Is it more based on the story of Anna Anderson? The woman who claimed to be Anastasia and died in the USA? That’s all well and good, except the family never acknowledged her as the ‘lost princess,’ and DNA after she died proved she wasn’t.

I thought it was a Disney movie, but I guess it’s Don Bluth. They should have, at the very least, included a booklet with the real story, so kids could learn from the film. Would that be totally out of line, 20th Century Fox? One reviewer on IMDB actually wrote, (more…)

Memorial Day Weekend Reviews

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 by by

I woke up this morning to some strange, unfamiliar sensations: warm, sticky air and bright light streaming through the window. Holy cow! Is this actually sunshine? A temperature above 52? Honestly, I was a little nervous that my system would shut down in response to this sudden influx of spring-like weather. So far, I’m doing okay. (phew!) For a minute there, I feared I might spontaneously combust.

The weekend isn’t quite over yet, but the reviews are already in on some of it. First up,


I’d like to give a big shout out to one of my favorite members of the military, my friend Lynn.

Mom, member of the Air Force, marathon runner. Perpetually happy about all of it!

Lynn and I “met” online when we both joined a website for first time mothers due in August 1998. (more…)

Sunday Six

Sunday, November 21st, 2010 by by

Okay, can someone please tell me where this week went?  It was pulled out from under me!  I demand a recount!
So, since I somehow missed Thursday and Friday, I’ll do six for Sunday and call it even.

1) I was called to sub in the district where I subbed last year.  This district is next door to the one where my own kids attend school, but the differences are night and day.  Last year, this district found itself in a financial crisis.  They closed a school, cut a billion teachers, and also axed music, art, and P.E. in addition to cutting the school day to the bare minimum.  This year, all of the teachers have to teach ALL the curriculum themselves, and they have none of the respite that they used to get when the kids would have a blessed 40 minutes of gym class, for example.  I worked in a kindergarten classroom with THIRTY ONE kids in each session.  THIRTY ONE 5 year olds.  In between the AM and PM classes, the teacher has 25 minutes for lunch AND prep.  It’s nuts.  But boy are Kindergarteners cute.

2) Have you ever watched a movie here?   If your area doesn’t have a Gold Class Cinema, then I feel sorry for you.  Giant, puffy, reclining chairs, plushy blankets, and staff that waits on you hand and foot at the touch of a button.  I watched “Morning Glory” with my friend Katie while drinking a margarita and eating a gourmet dinner.  It was like my living room – but better, because I didn’t have 5 kids cramping my style.  The movie was surprisingly good, but boy has Han Solo gotten old! (more…)


Mommy Movie Moment

Friday, November 19th, 2010 by by

I thought that this time around I would write about the movies I’m looking forward to and not the ones I’ve seen. I’m just about to burst with excitement because I get to finally see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow! YAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I’m a nerd. So here ya go….

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
I have been a fan of the books and movies since before the books were movies. I’m not gonna lie, I get choked up whenever I hear the HP music. It’s actually called Hedwig’s Theme. :) So, as we’ve done for the past 9 years we are going to see the new movie the night it opens. The first HP movie we actually saw at a midnight showing, Raven loved that! Now, we’ll, let’s just saw the only thing I’m doing at  midnight is sleeping. :)

Your Highness
Talk about hilarious! I almost peed my pants laughing at this trailer. It’s a redband trailer, but oh my gawd, watch it! It stars Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, James Franco (hubba hubba!) and Danny McBride, who I think is just too damn funny. Here’s a short synopsis from IMDb: “A fantasy movie about an arrogant, lazy prince and his more heroic brother who must complete a quest in order to save their father’s kingdom.” Really looking forward to that! Too bad I have to wait till April 2011.

Red Riding Hood
I really like the way this movie looks. I’m all about movies set in medieval times, love that! Throw in some werewolves and you got yourself a winner!!! It’s about a village that’s haunted by a werewolf and a girl who falls in love with a woodcutter…..that’s about all I know, really. It looks great though. I adore Gary Oldman and I think Amanda Seyfried is just sweet. Looking forward to March 2011. :) Watch the trailer here. (more…)

Rabbit Hole

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 by by

Just to warn you, this trailer is totally a tear jerker.

Just about every line from that trailer has at least been thought in my house, if not said out loud.

I have to admit, though, while I totally identify with the grief, I found myself so envious of the father who was able to watch videos of his son.  I truly do envy parents that were able to see their children alive before they died.  Now, truly, I understand how traumatizing some of my baby loss mom’s experiences were.  I understand how hard it would be to see your child get sick and waste away first.  I am grateful that I never had to see her sick.

But I really do envy parents who got to see their children breathe, hear them cry, look into their eyes.

So I’m going to watch this movie, but I may wait until it comes out on DVD so I don’t feel bad about sobbing through the whole thing.

Mommy Movie Moment Part II

Friday, February 26th, 2010 by by

I normally wouldn’t do this, but I just have to finish what I started. Wow! I can’t believe I just said that! HAH! Here are a few other movies I’ve seen that, in my opinion are pretty darn good. I’m fixated on a Michael Fassbender at the moment because (more…)


Mommy Movie Moment

Friday, February 26th, 2010 by by

I used to do this all the time on my other blog, back when I had tons of time on my hands. :D I have seen a few movies lately and thought I should blog about how great, or horrible, they were. I’ll start with one of my favorites……

Blood Creek! You may be asking yourself (more…)

Goodbye Cheesy 80′s Teen Movies

Monday, August 10th, 2009 by by

May John Hughes rest in peace. These movies shaped so much of who I was. They were a staple in my teen years. Of all his movies, my all time favorite is Pretty in Pink. Andie was everything I was. Blane, everything I wanted. Ok, so I wasn’t as pretty as Andie but I sure felt like an outsider. Being from a different country, a Spanish country at that, in a small Texas town with a name like Astrid, can really make a teenager’s life pretty bad. Sorry, don’t want to throw myself a pity party. It just brings back all (more…)

Let’s Go To The Movies…..

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 by by

Jacob has been asking us to take him to the movie theatre ever since that very first day nearly a year ago when he asked us what it was. It should be no surprise that time and time again we said that he could go when he was older, but her persisted saying that he was big enough now. Jacob can generally handle a 20 minute television program but he’s never really been interested in 2 hour long movies and despite many attempts to see if he was theatre ready….he would not stay interested long enough to watch even half of a movie at home……we finally gave in and took him for his first big boy theatre experience and overall it went pretty good. There were a couple of times where he said he was “finished” with the movie but he was able to stay for the whole thing, didn’t throw a tantrum, and I didn’t end up with spilled popcorn on my lap……..success.  Prior to the movie we stopped into McDonalds to get him a happy meal…I think what he loved the best though was the complete focus and attention on him from both his parents at the same time.