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Yes, That’s My Son!

Friday, May 25th, 2012 by by

~ Welcome, to the third story in our BeYOUtiful Mom Series!~

Featured Writer: Cyndi Maloy

“MOM!”   After four children, hearing my name (or what the children think my name is) being screamed hysterically from the other side of the house doesn’t really phase me.  Usually, it means someone has violated someone else’s space, or changed someone else’s Facebook status, or borrowed someone else’s clothing without permission (even if said item of clothing was dug out from under the bed where it had been for SIX MONTHS and the child had forgotten she even owned it…), or any number of “sibling violations” that occur on an hourly basis in our house.  So in this case, I finished what I was doing and headed in the general direction of the screamer.  I came around the corner to find Patrick sitting on the couch sobbing…and Charlie, our Golden Retriever, STARING at him.  Patrick hates it when Charlie stares at him…and I’m convinced Charlie knows this.   It’s hard to discipline an 80 pound dog who isn’t really doing anything, and equally difficult to reassure a hysterical eight year old that Charlie doesn’t really mean it.  Especially when I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.  I’m cool like that.

Patrick is my fourth child.  He’s nine years younger than his closest sibling.  We adopted him from Ecuador, where we moved in 2004.  (more…)