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New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Monday, December 31st, 2012 by by

Tomorrow starts a new year and with it, many of us will be making new year’s resolutions. Most of those resolutions last a few months if we’re lucky. Then we end up feeling bad about ourselves before forgetting about them all together. Well, why should adults have all the fun? I decided to burden my kids with the pressure of making a new year’s resolution.

They have been excited about the new year, so I explained the concept of a new year’s resolution. I asked them if there was something they wanted to do better and this is what they came up with. Picky eater A said she resolved to try everything at dinner. Sassypants B said she would not have an attitude, and rebellious C said she would listen to Mommy and Daddy. I wanted them to remember these resolutions so I decided to make some simple frames where they could display their resolutions. (more…)


A New Year, A New Me

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 by by

I am not making any big resolutions other than to continue on my journey to better health (update at end). I don’t really like making resolutions, but I like making goals. Let’s not talk about last years goals though….. Anyway, this year, I am setting goals and having them written for people to see will surely help….right?!?!?!
Goals for 2011:
1) Continue on healthier living:
*Eating recommended fruits/veggies
*Exercise 6 days a week
*Try new activity–still trying to decide what though
2) Develop more patience. Not sure how to measure this one, yet it is much needed. I really need to stop yelling and remember that my boys are only 5 and 2. This is tough because I have HIGH expectations of them, so I need to learn to relax that a bit. Any tips for me? I really need help here, so bring em on!!
3) Run the Ukrops 10K in 62 min
4) Run the Cville Womens’ 4 Miler in 36 min
5) Change my spending habits
*Eat out no more than 2 times a week (I have been absolutely horrible with this and was
looking at finances today. BAD BAD BAD Mommy……) This is a necessary change!
*Stick to budget for gift giving
* Put money aside for Sept. beach trip


Hello 2011….

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 by by

Happy 2011 everyone!

Another year has come and gone, and admittedly 2010 was full of huge change for me!  Most notably, I welcomed another gorgeous daughter into my life and became the mother of two girls rather than the one I entered into 2010 with.

When I think back to 2010 and whether or not it was a good year for me – besides the financial issues that everyone is experiencing – I really don’t think I have anything to complain about!  I grew closer to Gaby and closer to my family, welcomed another baby into the world, had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies… So what more could we ask for?  At times, the single parenting aspect of life got a bit intense for my liking, but at the end of the day it is what I know, and I know for a fact that ALL parents – whether doing it alone, with another parent, or with an extended family of 50 – experience those moments/days/weeks as well.

2011.. I wonder what it’ll bring for my family and me.  I’m not usually one for new years resolutions, but this year I NEED to lose weight for my health… I avoid stepping on the scale because I am scared of what those numbers will read, but at the same time I know I am going to need to sometime in the near future.  I need to start exercising, I need to start eating better – I just really need to improve my lifestyle.  I know I can do it. I just hope I have the motivation and strength to see it through this time!!!!

By the end of 2011, I will have a daughter who is in her first year at school, I will have a 1 year old, AND I will also have a baby niece!!!  I think 2011 is going to be pretty exciting, a happy year for me and the family… I don’t care if it is a boring year, because boring generally means that nothing bad is happening, and I think we could all do with that.

My main hope for 2011 is that mother nature starts leaving us alone!!!!  I would love to not be constantly worried about earthquakes, but after our boxing day earthquake – which caused more damage – I think earthquakes are in the front of everyone’s minds.  Hopefully the aftershocks will stop in 2011!

Life List – a good excuse to ignore resolutions

Monday, January 4th, 2010 by by

I’m crap at resolutions, how about you? After 2 weeks (plus!) of eating whatever looks good, drinking whatever is given, staying up and sleeping in late, anyone would feel like a little more clean living would do them some good. This is how I suspect New Year’s Resolutions were born.

And then it’s days (hours?, minutes?, weeks?) later that resolutions look hard. You’re back at work, kids are at school, and life carries on in its usual busy manner. Sticking to resolutions then? Pretty hard.

(As an aside: I once spent a Christmas season so full (more…)


Happy 2010!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 by by

I hope everyone had a most excellent New Year’s Eve and are not suffering the consequences of over-indulgence. I did not drink so no hangover here, but I am still recovering from having Ryan up until almost 2 this morning. The boy was like on hyper-active overdrive. Other than that, my New Year’s Eve was on the boring side.

So, today is the day everyone starts there big “New Year’s Resolutions.” As if you need it to be a new year before you can positive changes in your life.  Those can happen whenever.  Why put it off (more…)