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A Few Changes Can Lead to Great Photos: Tip 1

Friday, June 29th, 2012 by by

Life Lesson from Photography School

Contributing Photographer: Carla Ackermann

Every Tuesday for the next several weeks we will be exploring some basic photography concepts in this series “Life Lessons from Photography School.”

This wonʼt be a time where we learn a whole lot of technical stuff; there are hundreds of websites to do that! We are simply going to explore a few little changes that can be made to improve your photos. More importantly, we will see how these same concepts can help you improve your life. That is the focus! Letʼs see what we can learn from photography school…..

Change Your Focus



DIY Camera Strap Cover

Friday, June 1st, 2012 by by

Featured Contributor: Leigh Ann Phillips

When my husband bought me a SLR camera, I knew I wanted to make it distinctive, so I made a camera strap cover for it. You can too!

You’ll need:

Fabric – I bought a precut Jelly Roll at Joann’s, but you can use any scrap fabric.
Fusible Fleece – also available at Joann’s. (more…)

Long Time No Post!!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011 by by

Let me start off by saying this…..we are all done teething in this house! HALLELUJAH!! Ever since Lo was born, I’ve been looking forward to this day. It’s a wonderful feeling. ((sigh)) So anyways. Lots of exciting things going on around here. I have my first wedding shoot 2 weeks ago. And yes, I’m still editing the pictures. Where do pros find the time?!?! Geesh. It was my best friend’s wedding. She’s 4 months pregnant and the happiest she’s ever been. It’s a beautiful thing. Here are some pictures I edited on the iPad using instagram……


Maternity Shots for the Wine-In-A-Box Crowd.

Monday, October 18th, 2010 by by

If you can afford to go out and hire a ridiculous-wonderful-amazing photographer to take a zillion pictures of you and your hubby in various maternity poses, including the ubiquitous and always present fingers making a heart on mom’s belly, then this post is not for you.

If however, you have expensive tastes, no money in your wallet, mediocre at best skills or equipment and you’re pregnancy photos amount to a handful of flash filled snapshots of you standing in your kitchen, hiding the food you’re eating and wearing your husband’s huge t-shirt. Well…this post is for you.

Did you know that being one of those poor kitchen standing women got me interested in photography in the first place? It was…and while I’m still what you would call “fledgling”- I’ve figured out a couple things about taking your own maternity shots. So here are my top self-pregnancy portrait ideas.

The Photography:

1. Find the Timer on your camera. My point and shoot has several timer options- the ten second one works best. My big Canon is a little more tricky because it doesn’t stand up by itself, and needs the tripod. Most of my pregnancy, I used the point and shoot because of how easy it was. One of the few times I really value that. But anyways…finding and using the self-timer let’s you take a hundred pictures until you look good without bothering your husband with things like “no…you can see a slight double chin, try again.” or “No my belly looks funky, I think the baby kicked, try again.”

2. Find Nice Light. Can’t stress this enough. Turn off the flash (please for the sake of all things great, turn off the flash). And look around your house for (more…)


Mommy vs. The Hummingbird…..The Sweetest Shot

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by by

Dear Hummingbird, I would like to thank you for hanging around my deck and giving me the opportunity to snap some of the most gorgeous pictures of your beautiful, tiny self. Thank you so much…….


Fear and Trembling

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by by

I have a lack of fear in storms…most of the time. Most of the time I’m so busy being excited to see the handiwork and power of God on display that I’m still praying that the storm get’s even bigger.

Obviously I’ve never been in (more…)

And the winner is…

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 by by

And my beautiful Gabi Girl!


I’m just totally stoked.
Don’t know if I have much more to say than that.
I have never really won anything BIG like this.

Check out the announcement on her blog…

Monkey Tree Photography

I just hope she will take pics of all 3 kids.

Thanks to all that took the time to vote,
whether it was once or daily.
It all counted!

PS ~ More blogging to come.
I promise, I haven’t been slacking.



Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 by by

Happy Memorial Day! I’m running myself crazy this week but this morning…I’m headed to the beach!
I don’t understand why the general population around here doesn’t drive around with bumper stickers that declare: “I live near the beach SUCKA!”

These pictures are from awhile ago- I’m really playing with (more…)

Thunderstorms: A post about photography- Part I

Monday, May 17th, 2010 by by

There are a few things in life where you absolutely cannot get away with being a lackluster photographer and still have a great photograph. Kids and lightning are two of those things (and I plan on talking about them later this week), but
sunsets, landscapes, and scenery of all kinds do not fall into that category.

The work of a “great” landscape or sunset is done in the darkroom (or digital darkroom these days). Ansel Adams didn’t just go out, shoot a great photograph, and that was it. Nope…he went out, got a good photograph, and then spent HOURS and HOURS applying several different type of darkroom processing techniques to get the amazing photograph that we see in the end. Note: I’m not saying you can’t get an awesome SOOC landscape/sunset/whatever shot. I’m just saying the ones you see and go “wow” typically involve a lot of post processing.

Like my thunderstorm/sunset picture from yesterday?

Okay, so I’m not the type of photographer to sit here and wax on rhetorically about thunderstorms, sharing my photos and leaving anyone with the impression that I’m uploading my straight out of camera shots. Here is what this original shot looked like, no post processing: (more…)

Photographing Your Family

Thursday, April 8th, 2010 by by

I’m a momtographer (re: a photographer whose point of view generally relates to just being a mom and wanting document daily life in an artistic way).  I wasn’t always like this…but necessity breeds invention and since I can’t pay for better photographers to come take family portraits…I do my own.

Since discovering that I needed to become an excellent photographer, I’ve learned how to shoot a lowgrade SLR in fully manual, learned how to use GIMP (a free type of photoshop) to manipulate my white balance, equalizers, curves, histogram, sharpening, layer blending, colorizing, tinting and toning. I’m not that great, and me and J regularly have disagreements over my photo editing (he prefers straight out of camera (sooc) and I don’t think my job is done unless I at least consider adjustments) but I feel like I’ve grown as a photographer over the last year and half.

That being said, when I was first starting to figure all this out, I found a really inspiring, helpful book by a photographer for National Geographic called “Photographing Your Family”