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Sprinkle some Love – Popcorn Kernel Review

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 by by

Good afternoon! Today I’m coming to you with an awesome review on something that I use more than once a week! You should definitely check it out when you can!

Yes! Kernel Season’s, Popcorn Seasoning! I eat my popcorn at least once a week. One day, while I was tweeting with Kernel Season’s, they were talking about a new “Seasoning” that was coming out, and I was telling them that I loved them and had popcorn weekly. So they said they would send it to me and I could do a review on it if I wish! Bam! Like 5 days later, here they were on my door step.

So that was it, I tried them and, of course, I loved them. Let me tell you, I am NOT a fan of one of the items, but on popcorn, wow, it just tastes soooo good. Check out the new flavors:

How brilliant are they?! They have over 10 seasonings to begin with, and now they added these two. (more…)