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Crock Pot Recipe: Perfect Pork Roast

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 by by

This recipe comes courtesy of my BFF, Laura, whose wonderful recipe I managed to screw up. Therefore…I will be showing you what I did but giving you her original recipe (because I’ve had hers and it’s just to yummy to ruin with random beef┬ástock and plain white vinegar…even though I heartily enjoyed my poor man/wino version)

First you want a magnificant plain bone in pork roast.

At least that’s what Laura’s recipe says. But my grocery store did not have a bone in roast. Apparantly people these days don’t understand that BONES=FLAVORICIOUS. So they’d rather not deal with the hassle of having the bone in the meat.
So I bought a boneless pork roast.

Rub the meat liberally with fresh thyme