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Butterflies!An Introduction

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 by by

This week, we are talking about butterflies! To get started, we took a couple of field trips. During breakfast, I asked Jonah if he’s ever seen butterflies in our yard. I asked him what colors of butterflies he’s seen? Were they big or little? How many has he seen? What were they doing when he saw them? Where were they?

Then we headed outside to see if we could observe butterflies in our yard.

We looked all around our yard. While we were able to observe quite a bit of nature, we only saw one white butterfly, for a fleeting moment.

Because we didn’t see very many butterflies in our yard, we headed to the Cleveland Zoo, (more…)


Oh Christmas Tree!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009 by by

Typically when Jonah does an art project, it is open-ended, or at least semi open-ended. Open-ended art basically means that the child creates a piece of art based on their own choices. Instead of saying “we’re going to make an elephant, here’s how to do it” you simply offer the child the art supplies and allow them to create on their own. Semi-open ended means that you give the child a framework in which to create, but still allow them to have control over their choices. So in a semi-open ended project, you would say “we are going to make an elephant. You choose what the elephant will look like, what color he is, and what the elephant is doing in the picture.” Very seldom do I do what is called a closed-ended art project. This would be telling the child “we are going to make an elephant with grey paint; follow my instructions.”

All three are important for a child’s development, especially at different age ranges. I’m not going to get into (more…)