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PumpEase Hands Free Pumping Bra Review by Ginni- Pumper Extraordinaire

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 by by

Wendy, inventor of  PumpEase, contacted me about doing a review.  I really wanted to work with her because I know they are a fabulous company but frankly, I don’t pump very often.  If you follow me on Twitter you know that I only have a single pump and when I do get around to it I tweet the entire time about how much I despise pumping.  But I have a friend who pumps, and pumps, and pumps.  I knew she could give this a real work out, and she did!  Read about her experience with the Pumpease and how it saved her back and her sanity!  Plus keep scrolling for a coupon code and giveaway!
Organic PumpEase
I was recently asked to review the Pumpease Organic Pumping Bra for Dirty Diaper Laundry. I’ll start with my favorite thing about it….I’m using it right now. Right this second I am double pumping as I type this review. THAT, is my favorite thing. Let me backtrack and give you and idea of who I am and why I like that so much. My name is Ginni, I am a SAHM/doula/nursing mom/milk donating mom with 4 kiddos. I pump 2-8 times in each 24 hour period, typically 5-6 times a day/night. I have a 7 month old nursling and I also pump for a 6 month old that was born via surrogacy and cannot be nursed by mom, but through donation is exclusively breastfed. (more…)


Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers – Part of the New Health Care Reform

Monday, April 26th, 2010 by by

I am not sure what planet I have been on but I did not know about this new law that was added in with the health care reform. Breastfeeding moms must be provided with a place to pump that is NOT a bathroom and employers are now required to give moms reasonable break times for pumping. If you would like to read what it says here is a link.   SEC. 4207.Reasonable break time for nursing mothers.

When I was working full time and pumping I did not have this protection. I remember being scolded by a district manager because I was using the only office space that was private to pump. She needed to get in the office for some reason and I told her she would need to come back because I was pumping. She then said that I needed to do that at home! I told her (more…)

Back from Vacation

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

We just got back from Las Vegas, and it was wonderful. But, I had missed my babies so much! The first night there, I cried because I wanted to be home with them. As the days went on (we were there for four nights), it became easier to be away, but they were never far from my thoughts.

I pumped my breast milk the whole time I was gone so I could resume nursing when I came home. Every time I brought out the pump, I got a little misty eyed, but it was totally worth it. I came home, and he jumped right back into nursing full swing. And, hearing my daughter (more…)

Just Call Me Bessie

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 by by

For some insane reason, I agreed to go to Las Vegas next month. In the haze of sleep deprivation that occured during the first month of Owen’s life, I thought it would be a great idea. I was wrong. My baby will only be six months old. That’s right, I am leaving my six month old baby to go party it up in Vegas with some college friends. I am a horrible mother.

Now, as the date gets closer, the sleepless nights are increasing. I am freaking out!!! And if we don’t want to lose a ton of money by changing the trip, we leave in a month.

The big issue is that I’m breastfeeding. I had planned on weaning at six months anyways, but now (more…)


Slowly drying up :(

Friday, April 17th, 2009 by by

Ah, the pumping days are numbered. Yes, I am thankful to have more time on my hands but then I have to contend with the idea that my girls will no longer be getting fresh milk from mommy and while that doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal, it kind of is. I was chatting with a friend about it and explaining that it would be easier if I knew this wasn’t the last time I would be experiencing this but reality is that this is it. As much as having another baby would be great, I know it won’t happen. We are pretty much done unless God decides differently.

This is why it is hard. Pumping gave me another purpose that with as much as I went through, the mastitis, clogged ducts, etc., I knew my kids were getting an INVALUABLE resource from Mommy that no one else could give them. Yes, there will be new things to replace that time and be even more special, eventually. For now, my heart hurts a little.

I’m down to 20 minutes in the morning which is only yielding about 3 oz of milk and 10 minutes right before bedtime. Tonight I am only going to pump 5 minutes and by Saturday night, will not pump before bed. I can’t count how many times I would finish with dinner and wish that I could just go to bed. Well, I’m right there. It is going to happen but part of me is going to miss that quiet time (more…)

Ongoing battle with mastitis

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 by by

Yep, ongoing. Won’t go away with only 7 days of meds so we are doing 10 this time around and hopefully it will kick it in the butt. This time it was because of clogged ducts and that is because I am weaning. I also got a fever for 24 hrs. The good thing? I got to nap yesterday AND it has killed my supply on the right side so dropping down to 2 pumps a day was EASY. My goal is to be done with the pump on April 7th so we don’t have to rent it for another month. I have a little hand pump that is excellent; the Avent Isis if anyone is interested in knowing.

I know I have blogged about this several times and there are some readers that are thinking, “Get over it already.” Well, I am happy to say that I am actually ready for this. I feel like I have fulfilled my commitment to my children by supplying them with breast milk for this long. I have suffered in many ways, but each time was well worth the reward. I have enough milk stored in the freezer to provide them 75% of my milk until they turn one and then it is on to whole milk! I will, however, continue to breastfeed Ian as long as he wants.

Other than that, things have been going well around here. The kids are becoming quite good at feeding themselves. Of the 3, Sofi and Ian will eat ANYTHING. Gabi, not so much. She refuses veggies, even new ones she has never tried like asparagus. The other 2 gobbled it up. I will continue to put the veggies on her tray and hope (more…)

Dropped a pumping session!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 by by

Ok, it is official. I am down three times a day. I dropped the 2:30pm session on Saturday. It is so weird to not pump at that time. I take the kids downstairs to play & it is such a wonderful change of environment. The kids also have the whole living room to crawl around in which is MUCH bigger than their playroom. I can also fold laundry or sweep or work on diaper cakes since I can be in the same room & do those things.

The kids’ adjusted well to daylight savings time. We didn’t do it gradually this time around. Ok, let me tell the truth…I didn’t KNOW about DST until Thursday so I couldn’t gradually change their schedule. What we did is put them to bed 30 min early on Saturday and I woke them up at 6:45 (although it was really like 5:45 for them) on Sunday. By the end of the day, the babes were tired & all fell asleep on the evening walk. I don’t blame them. Every time they finally settled in for a nap, I had to go in there & wake them up so we could stay on track. Thankfully we haven’t had much of any crankiness!

Here is what the kids have been doing as of late…DOG PILE!!!!! (more…)


When I became pregnant with Jonah

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 by by

When I became pregnant with Jonah, I became obsessed with something that most women give very little thought to. How I would feed my baby. I read countless books about how the breast produces milk, went to breastfeeding classes, learned about the politics and economy of formula feeding, and the vast differences between formula and breast milk. I vowed when I was 20 weeks pregnant, and my colostrum came, that I would never feed my children formula. There was no questioning. I was on my soapbox, and I wouldn’t come down.

Over and over, I would tout the importance of breastfeeding to anyone who would listen. I would banter for hours about how manufacturers make formula out to be just as good or sometimes better than mother’s milk, when truth be told it is a pale imitation of something that cannot be synthesized. I was very proud to be a so-called “lactivist.”

When Jonah was born, the nurses gave him formula without my permission. As I held him for the first time, and he latched on like a pro, I whispered into his little ear not to worry, that was the last time he’d be getting that “crap.” He was getting la crème de la crème from now on. I kept it a little known secret that he’d ever had that little ounce of formula, and blazoned my “exclusively breastfeeding” title wherever I could. Breastfeeding became more than a way of nurturing my child, it became a way of life (more…)

My body is ready. I am not.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 by by

When will it end? When can I catch a break? I have been pumping for 10.5 months. Can it not be easy towards the end? Why does it have to be so hard?

My body is ready.

I am not.

My mind was committed to pumping 4/day until March 1st.  Why is it that I may have to drop my first session before that?  What is the big deal anyway?  It is only 10 days early anyway.  I am still going to BF the boy at this time so it isn’t like it should be a huge deal, right?  Not.

Anxiety. Stress. FAILURE.

I know.  I am crazy. How can it be failure when (more…)