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Mom, do you know about the bird?

Sunday, June 28th, 2009 by by

“Well do you?”

Conversations with my son Brandon – some funny and some not so funny.

This was a recent conversation with my son Brandon.  Brandon came into my office and said, “Mom do you know about the bird?”  Then I hear, “Well Brandon’s gonna tell you about the bird.  The bird, the bird, the bird is the word”… and it continues… and continues… and continues.

I have to admit it was one of the funniest conversations I have had with him but he is always doing stuff like this.  Brandon is autistic so he tends to repeat things he hears on television or YouTube.  He loves YouTube.  Unfortunately, not everything on YouTube is good.  He also likes to watch the Family Guy, another show that is probably not good.  His version of the bird comes from the Family Guy as does his version of Can’t Touch This.  He sings them both A LOT!

When he goes out in public with me I always worry about what he will say.  He can be quite the entertainer but he also can sometimes repeat things he shouldn’t or (more…)