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Safe and sound (newborn mentioned)

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 by by

Allison Reine arrived yesterday evening, August 27th, at 5:39 pm.  She weighed 7lbs4oz and is 21 inches long.

There were a couple scary moments right at the end of delivery (including her being born with the cord around her neck twice!), but she is here safe and sound, healthy and beautiful.

She doesn’t have red hair, but she does look just like her sister – as have all Cora’s rainbow siblings!


Sunday, July 25th, 2010 by by

Rainbows are amazing things.  After the violence and trauma, gloom and darkness of a rainstorm, you get beautiful, vibrant color.  Rainbows bring hope that the world will be bright again, that the sun and warmth will return.  That’s why, in the loss community, we refer to children born after a loss as “rainbow babies.”

Rainbow babies don’t replace their siblings.  They don’t erase the grief of the storm, but they bring back hope and joy.  Each baby brings happiness all their own.

I don’t mention my rainbows here often.  I don’t feel like it’s all that appropriate, given I know some people reading are in the middle of the storm.  It’s hard to see and hear of others’ rainbows when your own is nowhere in sight, and the pelting rain and thunder surround you.

But I want to take a moment to be thankful for them.  Cora’s death had a real affect on how I parent Erin and Patrick.  I think the most important way is that it has made me more thankful for every single moment I get with each of them, even the screaming ones and the poopy ones.  I am humbled that I got lucky enough to have two perfectly healthy babies after Cora’s death, with only very minor problems.  They have given me reason to live, not just merely survive.  They have given me hope.  And while I don’t think I’ll ever feel whole, they fulfill me in a way I can’t describe.

Anyway, if you’d like to see more about my rainbows, I keep a separate blog for them (less words and more pictures) here.

Shared Joy is Doubled

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 by by

I have to wonder – is it completely wrong or completely right to choke up with tears multiple times during the day after someone else’s baby is born?

I woke up to an email from my best friend Nat announcing that her second child had been born. I’ve cried both times I received word of one of her children’s births, the first time from grief, the second time from overwhelming joy and relief. Yes, baby Kate is here, alive, healthy, and wonderfully perfect in every way!

What amazes me most of all, however, is the outpouring of love that follows this child. As word has spread around the Internet, time and again people offer congratulations and joyful tears. These are no “yay, congrats!” or “hooray, a baby!” offerings that typically follow a birth; they are heartfelt messages of love and celebration. All who know her story – four years of infertility, countless failed medically-assisted cycles, an ectopic pregnancy, and her 35-week stillborn Devin – share in her thankfulness, her elation, her relief, her unadulterated joy as she is finally able to hear a baby’s cry, to (soon) take a baby home.

That moves me to tears just as much as Kate’s birth itself does.

Nat has posted pictures, and will have a birth story soon I’m sure – it’s one heck of a story too! She’s cute, and has her brother’s nose and round face, the most perfect lips, and true family loving her from every corner of the globe…not to mention two parents who want her and love her more than words could ever describe.

What a truly lucky and blessed child she is.