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Go Read

Friday, July 6th, 2012 by by

I do not know how I’ve been doing it (yes, I do…I stay up until 2 a.m. every single night!), but I have been on a roll with my reading.  There are months that pass where I don’t manage more than a few issues of People Magazine, but then all of a sudden I get on a reading kick, and I can’t stop turning pages.

You are going to laugh, but even though I own a Nook, I prefer to read my books via Kindle on my tiny iPhone.  My Nook is one of the originals, so it isn’t back-lit, which means reading at night or in the sun is difficult.  Plus, if you factor in the 5,000 other bits of kid-generated minutia that fills my already 40 lb. purse, the last thing I want to do is lug around my Nook.  So, until I win the lottery or find a kind benefactor interested in supporting the literacy efforts of a 40-something housewife by gifting her a Kindle Fire, iPhone it is.

Anyhoo, I just finished this book.  Let me clarify – I tore through this book!  Creepy, creative, suspenseful, and with an unsettling ending.  Loved it!  So much so that I promptly downloaded her earlier work, “Dark Places,” and read that in two days.
gone girl
I’ve moved on to “The Fault in Our Stars,” which has been a literary darling for months and is apparently going to be made into a movie.   (more…)


Reading… Kindergarten Style

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 by by

Eric seems to have found the “keys to the castle” when it comes to reading…because suddenly, he is doing an amazing job of it! For a while now, he has been bringing little poems and books home from Kindergarten, and he reads them himself. He has been wanting to read more books, but all of the level 1 or pre-1 books I’d found, even the Phonics books, were just a bit… Well, honestly, they weren’t too hard, they were just too long. He could read them, but by the middle of the book, he was tired of working so hard to read it.

“You read it, Mommy!”

So, I remembered a book series I’d heard of a while back – Bob books. Not Bob the Builder, though… Just Bob.

The first couple of books I flipped through from the first set seemed almost too easy, but they progressed quickly through the set, and by the end of it they were perfect for Eric. Short sentences, repetition, word families, and a lot of words he could easily sound out.

It was like mana from heaven for the kid when I brought them home. He was so thrilled that he could read books all by himself! Randomly, he would pick up one, sit on the couch, and just…read. Other times, he would tell me I needed to sit down so he could read to me.

He was so excited. He was reading! All by himself! (more…)

Ryan is not allowed to be sick ever again.

Saturday, January 15th, 2011 by by

That is, once he gets over being sick right now.

He’s miserable, and I feel so bad for him.
He’s bratty, and I just want to bang my head on any handy hard object.

Seriously, I can’t stand it. I love my boy a whole whole ton, but he is the most obnoxious, pitiful sick child ever since he hardly ever gets sick. It’s like his brain is not programmed with how to be sick. I was running myself thin trying to make him feel better, keep him occupied, keep an eye on Belly, AND keep her occupied away from her “Eye-in.” Her Eye-in wasn’t helping with that at all. Every time I even stepped out of the room I would hear, “Hey Bellarina, come here!”

((le sigh))

Upswing of the day, Zach spent a good while today helping me with Ryan (moment for you all to do shocked gasp) by reading “Green Eggs and Ham” to him with almost no help at all. When John got home, I turned Ryan and Belly over to him and got Zach to read it again so I could…

Take a video!!

First Trip to the Library

Friday, June 11th, 2010 by by

We have a library that sits about a mile away from our house. I went to it once, long long ago – even signed up for a card – and then I never went back. I couldn’t tell you why… I just didn’t.

With the start of the summer reading program and a Caillou episode about the library that got Eric begging to go, I finally went back there, this time with 2 little boys in tow.

Eric didn’t know where to start. I herded the boys over to the picture book section and set them loose. Eric just kept flitting around at first. “Mommy, look at this book! Mommy, I want THIS book! Mommy, I want to share THIS book with Danny!” He loved the stools that let him climb up and look through the higher rows of books, and even reach some of the books set up along the top for display. (more…)



Thursday, March 4th, 2010 by by

Ava loves books.  She loves being read to.  Whenever she’s stressed, sick, or upset reading to her calmes her. I read to her so much when she was on the vent in the PICU, I just couldn’t stop.  Her heartrate was even better when I was reading.  She would try to breathe over the vent more often, letting us know she was getting stronger.    I love the time she and I have when I read to her.  Love it.

I have some sweet memories of (more…)

Brandon, my super special mister-moo is reading!

Monday, June 1st, 2009 by by

I don’t talk about Brandon that much or his “special needs.”  I don’t think I am the typical parent of an autistic child.  He was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder when he was three and I am sure he has autism.  When I took him to Lansing to have him diagnosed, they didn’t diagnose him specifically with one type of autism (PDD-NOS, Asperger’s, etc).  They only told me that he was definitely on the spectrum.  It is pretty easy for someone to tell if they spend any amount of time with him.

He is a little weird and doesn’t act like other kids but he is a very sweet kid and a very bright kid.  My brother has PDD-NOS, so I think this is why I was able to spot the symptoms so easily.  He had all the classic autism symptoms like rocking and spinning, head banging, toe walking, echolalia, flapping his hands, and doing things repetitively like flipping the lights on and off on and off on and off.

Well, I have to tell you about this because I am so excited.  My little Mr. Moo is reading!!  He is actually reading (more…)

Raising a Reader

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 by by

I don’t think there is a person out there, today, that doesn’t recognize the importance of reading to kids. In a world filled with electronic media and instant gratification, actually sitting down and reading a book is something we almost need to fight to maintain.

John and I are both avid readers. Our office could easily be a library itself; we hold onto books, thinking we might go back and read them again one day, hoping that eventually our boys will pick them up and read them as well. Our collection of kids’ books is not quite as large, but is still full. In every room we store toys, we have a shelf of books for them as well, mostly board books at this point to keep them from being torn and destroyed.

They still show a lot of wear and tear.

I think that’s how you raise a reader: encourage kids to enjoy books. At this age, neither of the boys really want to be read to. They want to flip pages, explore the pictures, and eventually wiggle out of my lap. Trying to force them to be calm (more…)