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Reusing Jar Candle Tops

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 by by

I’ve had 4 Yankee Candle jar toppers sitting in my kitchen drawer for about 6 months. Every time I open the drawer, I think I need to throw them away, but you know me; I just couldn’t do it.

I finally found a use for them! Call me crazy, but it worked well :-)

This was great for The Older! Since one of the aspects of his PDD includes the inability to eat foods that have touched each other, I was able to serve him grapes that were in their own little container. He loved how “different” this was, and he actually ate every single grape. I’m going to try this with all different fruits and see if I can get him to try other varieties than just apples and grapes ;-)


Green Tip Tuesday – HAB

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 by by

Good afternoon…. this week I got some samples in the mail from Garnier Fuctis. I don’t use this kinda of shampoo but then I kept on reading about their new initiative, “Pure Clean.” They have joined up with TerraCycle, which I support (turn trash into new things) and thought I’d let ya’ll know and see what you thought?

Would you pay more money for an item that will be recycled and turned into a new product (sold again)? Me? I really wouldn’t, but I thought about it and I have bought “Green Toys.” Which are also made of recycled items. And there are some pretty good (more…)