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Pants Rant

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 by by
Like most girls, I love to shop – for myself, for friends and family, and especially for Haeden, of course. Lately, I’ve been searching for a good pair of jeans. I guess the closer I get to thirty, the less comfortable I am with the oh-so-low-rise jeans of my past. You know… The ones that force you to check for crack attack every time you bend over. And let’s face it, motherhood = bending over A LOT.
So, other than the fact that I have almost no hips, it shouldn’t really be difficult to find a pair of nice fitting jeans. I honestly haven’t searched that hard yet, but today I found myself spending a good half hour (my lunch hour) at Target, staring at rows of jeans. They were on sale for fifteen bucks and so, of course, that would mean that I should buy two. I was excited, until I realized that I had no idea what size I was.

Looking back, I should have grabbed several different sizes and headed back to the changing rooms. Hindsight is twenty-twenty though, right?  Instead, I grabbed the size I thought I would be. When that didn’t work out (yeah, couldn’t even button the dang things), I grabbed the next size up. I almost walked out of the store without trying them on, since I was fairly certain they would fit, but then I realized that the jeans didn’t just come in junior’s sizing. When I saw that they came in sizes for people that have actually had children, I decided that that would probably be the best bet. Then I realized that I didn’t like the looks of them nearly as much. I decided to be sure I liked the next-size-up junior’s jeans and returned to the dressing room.

While they did fit, I realized that I was about to purchase jeans that were still too low. Old habits die hard, I guess. At this point I was running out of time, so I went back and just grabbed the less desireable but still cheap and doable misses jeans and booked it to the register. Aaaand then they rang up twice as much as the sale jeans. Whoops. I got so wrapped up in the sizing that I didn’t even check the price. Of course, I sent them back and went home back to work without.
All that to say, why the hell can’t they just size women’s pants the way they do men’s? I can walk into any store and grab a pair of men’s jeans for my husband with the knowledge that they probably will not be going back to the store. And yet I practically need to keep a notebook in my purse so that I can remember what size I wear in what brand (currently anywhere from a 4 to an 8 to an 11?!). I don’t care if my waist is a 28 or a 38, I would really just like to be able to walk into a store and know exactly what I need without spending three hours in a dressing room.
And on a somewhat related note, wonder what size these are?

Sex and The City

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 by by

A few months ago I got an invite to be a part of a foursome of women for a fun girls weekend in Lake Tahoe.  I know these women well but had never spent this kind of time with them, but I was immediately on-board.  Unfortunately the cabin in Tahoe fell through but the husband organizing this for us girls quickly changed to Plan B: a night’s stay at a fancy hotel right here in San Francisco.

So Saturday around 11:30 am my husband kindly kicked me to the Intercontinental curb and our 30+ hours of Sex and The City girl time began.  We went shopping in Union Square (we all bought the exact same earrings), had lunch over two bottles of wine, had another two bottles at another restaurant, shopped some more (I got the sexiest Aldo shoes!), ordered room service for dinner as we primped (and drank more wine), danced our booties off at a club, and came back to more room service and non-stop laughter until 3:00 am.  Then we continued it the next day too!

I’ve always been a little envious of those Sex and The City girls.  Yes the storylines are fantastical and even completely unbelievable, but it’s always been the strength of their friendship that touched me.  Although I’ve been gaining wonderful new friendships with women over the last few years, I have never had one of those Sex and The City moments with a number of girls at the same time.  So to have an entire weekend of those moments was a real treat.

We laughed until we snorted and our bellies hurt, cried as we felt each others pain, encouraged each other to be the amazing women we all see, (more…)

Shopping with Toddlers

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 by by

Eric loves to go shopping – especially to the grocery store. Of course, he doesn’t always like the way we do it, because he would much rather but running free around the store than sitting in a cart…even a super cool car-shaped one complete with steering wheel. Once in a while, though, we slip off to the grocery store just him and me and he gets to really shop.

I always forget how scary a prospect that it.

Eric loves produce. I’m a lucky lady that way; not far behind (more…)

I have an addiction… to shopping!

Thursday, July 30th, 2009 by by

I don’t go crazy buying myself stuff, I hate buying stuff for myself, I always feel there’s a better use for the money. But I go just a little wild when it comes to buying clothes for the kids. I can’t help it. I see all these cute clothes and I think “Oh, Bella would look darling in that,” or “Zach loves those kinds of shirts,” or “Ryan would look so handsome in that.” I mean once I start buying them clothes I can’t stop! I have a feeling it goes back to when I was younger. We never had any nice clothes, we always got hand-me-downs from our cousins, and with me and my brother being the youngest in the family (not including my half-brother and sister since there’s a 7 year gap between the brothers and a 9 year one between me and my sister) everything was really worn by the time it got to us. So, I just love buying the kids new, nice clothes. Shoot, they dress better and have a bigger wardrobe than John and I. I just spent $200 on fall/winter clothes for Bella, no one else, just her. And before the 30% discount it was $300! And seeing as how John banned me from buying her anything else (she has a closet full of summer clothes she still doesn’t quite fit…) I have a feeling this might cause some issues. But she has no fall/winter clothes, so really this was a needed purchase…